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10+ Friendship Day Games And Activities To Enjoy For An Unforgettable Time With Your BFFs! 

10+ Friendship Day Games And Activities To Enjoy For An Unforgettable Time With Your BFFs! 

The words ‘friendship bands’ are probably enough to send every 90s kid into a state of nostalgia. Having a wrist full of those colourful bands that our friends would tie was the biggest flex ever. Times have changed and so have the ways in which people now celebrate Friendship Day. Luckily, Friendship Day falls on a Sunday every year which gives us a chance to get together with our best buds and enjoy the day. But what else can you do to make the celebrations even more memorable? If you need some ideas, check out our list of the best Friendship Day games and activities that you and your gang can indulge in and have the time of your life!

Friendship Day Games And Activities

Your friends have been there for you through good times and bad, and a bond as special as this deserves a proper celebration! While yes, you’ll likely be sending Friendship Day wishes and Friendship Day quotes to all your friends, you might wanna do something more memorable with your BFFs. Apart from giving your besties thoughtful Friendship Day gifts, you can also spend some quality time with them and play interesting games. Below are some Friendship Day games, Friendship Day activities, and more that you can take cues from, for a day full of joy! 

Card Games

friendship day games
Pexels– friendship day games

This is probably the easiest Friendship Day activity that guarantees hours of fun! All you need is a pack of cards and your best friends, and you are good to go. In case you are not aware of any fun card games to play, the Internet is always the best place to look. If classic card games aren’t interesting enough for you, you can also try playing UNO with your friends for a good time. 

Adventure Escape Room 

friendship day games
Instagram– friendship day games

If you and your friends are great at picking up clues, you can put those puzzle-solving skills to practice in an adventure escape room! The premise is simple, you and your friends will be locked in a room with clues scattered all around. All you have to do is think together as a group and figure out a way to escape the room in the time limit provided.

20 Questions

Here’s another fun Friendship Day game that you will love playing with your BFFs! 20 questions is a classic guessing game that is sure to keep you and your squad entertained for hours. How to play this game? Basically, one player selects a word, place, name or object while the other players try to guess it by asking up to 20 questions that can be answered with a yes or no.

Friendship Day Quiz

friendship day activities online
Unsplash– friendship day activities online

Wanna strengthen your bond with your besties? A Friendship Day quiz can help you with it. All you need to do is prepare a list of quiz questions and have your BFFs answer them. Similarly, you can also take the quiz, and try to answer the same questions about your friends to understand how well you know them! It’s a fun Friendship Day activity that will not only keep you entertained, but will also help you understand and know your friends better. 

Board Games

friendship day activities online
Unsplash– friendship day activities online

It’s not often that you get to spend hours playing board games with your friends, so what better day to play than Friendship Day? If your friends aren’t in the same city, you can opt to play Scrabble or any other game virtually with your friends. 

Freeze Dance Party

Looking for a virtual Friendship Day activity for kids? Freeze Dance Party is a great option! Set up a video call for your kid and their friends. In this activity, the kids are supposed to dance when the music plays and must freeze immediately and hold their position when the music stops. The last dancer standing wins. 


friendship day activities online
Pexels- friendship day activities online

Don’t wanna spend the day indoors playing Friendship Day games? No worries, you can opt for an outdoor Friendship Day activity instead! If you and your pals are adrenaline junkies, a day of camping in the woods would be right up your alley. Singing, dancing, or sharing spooky stories around a campfire with your BFFs is sure to make this Friendship Day a memorable one!

Go Shopping!

friendship day games for whatsapp
Pexels– friendship day games for whatsapp

Want to propose a Friendship Day activity that your friends won’t turn down? Shopping is always the best bet! Head to a mall or your local street market and experience the thrill of getting something cute at a discount, and make your Friendship Day a memorable one. Oh, and don’t forget to click awesome selfies and post them on social media with a heartfelt Friendship Day caption. 

Watch A Movie

friendship day games for whatsapp
Unsplash– friendship day games for whatsapp

What better way to celebrate Friendship Day with your cinephile friends than watching a movie together? Set up a projector in your room, grab some snacks, and put on a classic that you all enjoy. It’s as easy as that! This Friendship Day activity is sure to be a lot of fun! 

Karaoke Night

friendship day games for whatsapp
Twitter- friendship day games for whatsapp

Karaoke nights give you the license to act all goofy and sing away in the most croaky voices with your mates. Singing along to songs with the people you care about the most is the perfect recipe to create timeless memories! Sing your favourite number, or choose a Friendship Day song to dedicate to your besties. This Friendship Day activity is sure to be a huge hit with your friends. 

Bar Hopping

friendship day games for whatsapp
Instagram- friendship day games for whatsapp

If you and your besties fancy the occasional drink, bar hopping is a fun Friendship Day activity that you can enjoy. Bar hopping keeps your evening dynamic and open to all possibilities. Have a drink or grab something to eat at a bar before moving on to the next one! 

We hope our list of Friendship Day games and activities helped you plan a wonderful day with your BFFs! 

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10 May 2022

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