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Friendship Breakup Quotes

30 + Friendship Breakup Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Better

Ahh, friendship breakups! Though friendships are hard to end, sometimes it’s a much-needed step. Whether the relationship turned toxic or you both just drifted apart, saying goodbye to a friend is hard. To help you cope, we have curated a list of friendship breakup quotes. Read through these, bookmark the ones you like or share ahead with someone who might find these helpful. So go ahead and scroll through our friendship breakup quotes, status and messages.

Best Friend Breakup Quotes

Best Friend Break Up Quotes
Freepik.com – Best friend breakup quotes
  • I really do not hate you but my disappointment is that you changed and became everything you had promised you would never be.
  • People always change and sometimes best friends turn to be strangers but all the memories never change.
  • The moment your best friends cease to share their complications with you, know that is the moment you lost your prime place in their hearts.
  • Fighting for a relationship is worth but you should avoid it when you are the only one fighting.
  • After a long way, I came to realize that you should not keep friendships with people who do not ask you how you are doing.
  • No one is really busy.It all depends on what number you are on their priority list
  • A true friend’s silence hurts more than an enemy’s rough words.

Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups

Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups
Canva – Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups
  • The silence of a true friend always hurts than the rough words spoken by the enemy.
  • A person wanted to know whether I knew you. So many memories flashed through my mind that time but all I did was smile and I only said I used to know you.
  • Try to let people go because every person in your journey are meant to be there but not all of them are meant to stay in it until the end.
  • I surely know we never talk anymore but I always wish that one of us could show courage and do something about it.
  • When did you become someone I used to know?
  • We don’t lose friends, we just learn who our real ones are.
  • The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyone.

Friendship Breakup Status

Friendship Breakup Status
Canva – Friendship Breakup Status

Below are some friendship breakup statuses that you might like to use.

  • The most painful goodbye is when you lose a good friendship.
  • Never make friends before understanding and do not break friendships after a misunderstanding.
  • As we get older, we don’t lose friends. We just find out who the real ones are.
  • Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.
  • In Life, as we grow up, we realize that it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.
  • Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.
  • When my absence doesn’t alter your life then my presence has no meaning in it.

Best Friend Breakup Shayari

Best Friend Breakup Shayari
Canva – Best Friend Breakup Shayari

Below are some best friend shayaris for breakups that you might want to check out.

  • Tum Kis Se Wafa Ki Umeed Kar Rahe The

Ye To Woh Shaks Hi

Jo Apni Galati Ki Wajah Bhi

Tumhe Kehta Hai

  • Waqt badalta hai zindagi ke sath,

Zindagi badalti hai waqt ke sath, 

Waqt nahi badlata doston ke sath, 

Bas dost badal jate hai waqt ke sath.

  • Kaun kehta hai,

dard ke liye sirf mahabat jimmedar hai,

Kamwaqt dosti bhi bahat dard deti hai,

Agar dil se ho jaye toh.

  • Pholo se bhi kya dosti karni,

Kuch pal bad murjha jati hai,

Dosti karo toh katon se karo,

Chubhane ke baad bhi yaad aatey hain.

  • Dosti ki kahani ab humari khatam ho gayi,

Khushiyan aayi aakar jane kahan chali gayi,

Bada naaz tha hume apni dosti par, sayad

Kismat buri thi ya phir kisi ki najar lag gayi.

Deep Best Friend Breakup Quotes

Deep Best Friend Break Up Quotes
Canva – Deep Best Friend Breakup Quotes

Feeling all sad but failing to express your thoughts? Scroll down to skim through deep best friend breakup quotes.

  • “Some people aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to their needs. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.” — Author Unknown
  • “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” —   Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • “Somebody asked me if I knew you. A million memories flash through my mind, but I just smiled and said I used to.” — Author Unknown
  • “I’d rather have no friends than fake ones.” — Author Unknown
  • “The worst thing ever is seeing your best friend slowly replacing you with another friend.” — Author Unknown
  • Remember me?I used to be your best friend.
  • We’re not close anymore but I’ll be here if you need me.

Sometimes we fall short of words to describe the pain we go through, and so these friendship breakup quotes will help you out to ease the same while you express yourself

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Hope our curation of friendship breakup quotes helped!

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14 Oct 2021

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