Rachel Dated 10 Men In FRIENDS But Should Have Ended Up With THIS GUY Instead Of Ross!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  May 7, 2019
Rachel Dated 10 Men In FRIENDS But Should Have Ended Up With THIS GUY Instead Of Ross!


Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. The names kind of belong together. Or do they?

Rachel and Ross’s relationship on Friends has been a touch-and-go situation unlike Monica and Chandler’s. They have been in love, they have been out of love, they have been many things towards each other. Honestly, it’s sad that they ended up together. Ross would have probably done better with Julie. As for Rachel, well, the decision is tough. But by the end of this article, we shall find The One for our Rach from all the men she dated on the show.

P.S. These are men Rachel dated for a while and not just went out on a single date with. That means none of the below:

– Jean-Claude Van Damme (the actor she dates before setting Monica up with him for a threesome)
– Carl (the guy before she goes to receive Ross at the airport)
– Michael (who tells her all about ‘closure’ before she drunk dials Ross and confesses her feelings)
– Mark Robinson (the Bloomingdale’s guy although hamona, hamona, hamona…)
– Tommy (the really mean guy who yells at Chandler and Joey’s duck)
– Josh (the college guy she dates to make Ross jealous after their break up)
– Dave (the guy Monica forces her to go out with)
– Kash Ford (Joey’s co-star from Days of Our Lives)

Boy, that’s some list. Anyway, here you go:

1. Barry Farber – The Evil Orthodontist



2. Paolo – The Italian Guy


In English – No. In Italian – No!

3. Russ – The Lookalike


That’s just sad.

4. Ross Geller – The One?


They had their moments but hell no! #ToxicRelationship

5. Joshua Burgin – The Scares Easy


Well, maybe.

6. Danny – The Yeti


*Cough* creep alert *cough*

7. Paul Stevens – The Neat Guy


Not at all.

8. Tag Jones – The Cute One


Who are we kidding!

9. Gavin Mitchell – The Best One


Oh God, YES!

10. Joey Tribbiani – The Best Friend


They shouldn’t have happened, TBH.

And the winner is:


Gavin If-Looks-Could-Kill Mitchell!

Gavin and Rachel didn’t start on a friendly note but they sure looked great together. They challenged each other professionally and matched on an emotional level too. Not to mention the chemistry and sexual tension between them was beyond hot. Together they looked like a couple who was secure and confident about their feelings for each other, something that Ross and Rachel lacked. Now, that’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Images: YouTube, GIF, Tumblr

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