Nostalgia, Happiness & Tears! 20 Thoughts I had While Watching Friends Reunion

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  May 27, 2021
Nostalgia, Happiness & Tears! 20 Thoughts I had While Watching Friends Reunion


So this was it–we just saw the Friends’ cast for one last time together. I honestly feel so overwhelmed and yet so empty at the same time. I don’t know what I was expecting but I surely wasn’t prepared for this. Everything…I repeat everything about the Friends: The Reunion felt like a personal journey and there were just so many emotions that I went through. Almost two hours passed away like two seconds! Nostalgia…excitement…tears–for me, it was like a cocktail of emotions and thus, I decided to journal it all. Here are 20 thoughts that I had while watching the Friends: The Reunion episode:


1. Could I be any more excited?

2. Dammit…it’s the same apartment..the same people. Can my heart take it?

3. Is it just me or looking at the Friends characters all old and grey, breaking everyone’s heart?

4. Did Jennifer Aniston just ask for a tissue box ‘coz same girl same!

5. Omg, look at Matt LeBlanc wiping Courtney’s tears just like Joey would have. 

6. Awww…look at Courtney and Jennifer walking hand in hand…my heart!

7. Damn…here come the waterworks. 

8. So this is actually the last time we are seeing them together? 

9. Can’t they do one more season together…just one?

10.  What’s going on with Matthew Perry? Why is he being so awkward?

11. Omg…look at Mr. and Mrs. Geller. Don’t they look adorable?

12. Lady Gaga singing ‘Smelly Cat’ with Lisa Kudrow and thanking her for being the “different one” is my favorite moment of this reunion so far.

13. Jennifer and Courtney complimenting Lisa’s smile and calling it the “greatest”, “most infectious sound” is just so wholesome. 

14. Wait…nohhh…Jennifer and David actually had a crush on each other?????? My life would never be the same. 

15. This breaks my heart–why didn’t they ever get together?

16. No, they did not just unanimously say that Ross and Rachel were actually “on a break.” They were so not!

17. What’s happening man…did I just see Justin Bieber dressed as Spudnik?!?!

18. Matt LeBlank wearing all of Chandler’s clothes for one last time has to be the most iconic moment of this Reunion!

19. Look at all of them–so perfect. This really can’t be the last time that we see them together. 

20. Oh God…could it be any more perfect?

BRB–gotta start my 1000th rerun of Friends now!

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