Nothing Screams ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Like The Cast Of Friends Announcing A Reunion

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Feb 21, 2020
Nothing Screams ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Like The Cast Of Friends Announcing A Reunion


It’s NOT that common, it doesn’t happen to everyone and it IS A big deal!” While Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green said this on the show in a different context, as a Friends fan, I am screaming and jumping with this emotion because the reunion is finally happening. The cast of Friends is making a comeback to your TV screen. Yes, you can go back and read that again!

It’s been 16 years since we last saw our favourite characters Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, the gang is now reuniting for an untitled, unscripted exclusive series for HBO Max. The cast including Jenniffer Aniston, Mathew Perry, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer also took to Instagram to announce this big news. 

Chances of a show getting a revival after 16 long years are bleak, but the amount of love this show has received over the years has caused this long-overdue reunion. Now, if you weren’t having a good day or a week, it doesn’t matter anymore, right? ‘Coz this day, week or month can’t get better than this.

While there are barely any details available about the special series, all we know is that it will bring the stars back together on the original Friends set at the Warner Bros studio lot in Burbank, California (marketing strategy 101). We simply can’t wait and Twitterati feel the same! Here are some of the funniest and most relatable tweets:

Twitter Can’t Keep Calm!

We’re all Joey RN!

Oh. My. God!

Wait, Emma, you’re 18 now?

Can’t. Keep. Calm

This won’t be the last bow, you guys!

I am filled with so much love and joy to see these fabulous people back on air. As a die-hard Friends fan, I know I have something new to watch now every time I eat my dinner. What are your thoughts?

Dear Friends Makers, after years of hearing rumors that always turn false, we got tried of the break. But we never stopped waiting. Thank you for making our day!

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