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Jenn & David’s Mutual Crush & 10 Other Revelations That Were Made During Friends Reunion

Jenn & David’s Mutual Crush & 10 Other Revelations That Were Made During Friends Reunion

So I just finished watching Friends: The Reunion and girl, was it an emotional roller coaster. There were literally so many emotions and not just for us. Practically the entire Friends crew started crying, the moment they arrived on Friends set, for one last time. And amid it all, we spotted Matt LeBlanc, sweetly wiping Courtney Cox’s tears in the most Joey moment ever. Of course, it revealed a lot about their bond and the fact that they continue to be pretty tight almost two decades after the show’s conclusion. 

But that’s not the only revelation that was made today. During the reunion, both the makers and the actors revealed some pretty mind-blowing secrets. Now in case you have not been able to watch the episode yet and FOMO is hitting you hard, here are a few revelations that will keep you nicely covered:


10 Mind Blowing Revelations That Were Made During Friends Reunion

Here are 10 mind-blowing revelations made during the Friends Reunion that will surely make your day:

Ross & Rachel Had A Massive Crush On Each Other IRL

When asked by the reunion host James Cordon if the cast ever got romantically involved with each other, Jennifer Aniston was the first to react. However, instead of answering the question, she very subtly directed it towards David Schwimmer who then made the biggest Friends revelation of all time. He candidly shared that during the initial seasons of the show, both he and Jennifer were actually “crushing hard on each other.” He then went on sharing how they never actually dated each other and were like these “two ships passing by each other.” It did not materialise into an actual relationship because both of them were dating other people back then. “We just channeled our love and adoration for each other into Ross & Rachel,” Jennifer added during the chat and on my God! Just FYI–the two were very much in love when they had their first kiss during the second season of the show. 

Here Is What Chandler Bing Did For A Living

Actor Tom Selleck, who played Richard Burke, made a special appearance during the reunion to reveal what Chandler Bing actually did for a living and guess what it was? “No one really knows.” Yep, that was literally the answer!


David Schwimmer Almost Quit Acting Before Friends

David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, had almost quit acting before he was offered to do Friends. He had had some horrible acting experiences and was in no mood to return until the Friends’ maker really coaxed him into coming back. They sent him “gift baskets” along with the script and promised him that this would be an entirely different experience.

Matt LeBlanc Was Practically Broke When He Auditioned For Friends

When Matt LeBlanc went for his Friends audition, he had just “11 dollars in his pocket.” Yup, that’s how broke he was before Friends changed his life for good.  

Chandler Was Stolen From Another Show

The Friends’ makers shared during the Reunion that Chandler was a specifically difficult character to cast as no one who auditioned could really hit the mark. And while they had eyes on Matthew Perry, he was working on this futuristic show, called Lax 2194, back then. However, someone from the Warner Bros. Studio saw a clip of the show, knew it wasn’t gonna work and gave them a go-ahead to steal Matthew Perry. 


Jennifer Aniston Was Told That Friends Is Not Going To Make Her A Star

Just like Matthew, Jennifer too was working on some other show before she was offered Friends. She decided to give it a try once and thus visited the sets. One day at the Friends’ set and she was in love with the show. She then went back to the producer of the show that she had already committed to and asked him to release her from the crew. The said producer was so skeptical of the entire thing that he went on telling her that Friends “is not the show that is going to make you a star.” Well, he clearly had a terrible intuition. 

David Hated The Monkey That Played Marcel

While David might be a huge animal lover, he absolutely hated working with Marcel. He shared during the reunion that there was so much that depended on the monkey and even the most perfect shot would go wasted if Marcel did not react on time. That, of course, irked him. However, more than that it was the monkey’s soiled hands that were always on his head that he dreaded the most. 

Matthew Was Very Insecure About How The Audience Received Him

Matthew revealed that he was consumed by the idea of delivering as an actor and literally felt like the world was falling apart if he did not perform well enough. “I felt like I was going to die if they didn’t laugh,” he shared during the reunion.  


Were Ross & Rachel On A Break?

This is a question that has haunted the Friends fans across the world ever since Ross first let out that frustrated “But we were on a break!!!” Well, the stars finally revisited the question and guess what? The answer was unanimous “yes.” Can’t say anything about you, but I sure am a little disappointed. 

Rachel Almost Took That Flight

It wasn’t always planned that Rachel would get off her Paris flight in the series finale. In fact, the makers considered giving it a unanimous ending. However, towards the end, they decided that it was no ordinary show and thus it did deserve the happiest, the most complete ending of them all. Rest as they say is history!

Well, now wasn’t that mind-blowing?

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27 May 2021

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