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12 Friends Moments That’ll Make Every Twenty-Something Say ‘OMG That’s Me IRL’

12 Friends Moments That’ll Make Every Twenty-Something Say ‘OMG That’s Me IRL’

“I got off the plane.” Yes, thanks to Friends, I know I am not going to settle for anything less than a passionate love story!

This is not the only time that I have felt like my life should be or could be like that of the characters from Friends. There are so many Friends moments that are absolutely relatable. And these make me (and every other 20 something) feel like it’s something that happens to the best of us. Everyone has a snow wedding on the street, right? That chase to the airport, the wrong one, can happen to anyone! And don’t get me started about the twin surprise!


Too much drama? Okay, we’re turning it down a notch. Read on to reminisce the amazing real-life instances and recall the times it has happened to you, too!

1. When we were goofy as teenagers but thought that we looked like bombs

friends moments thats us 1


2. And there was this crush who has walked in and shat on our fairytale love story

friends moments thats us 2

3. And then we found out that Santa was not real 🙁

friends moments thats us 3


4. We, like Phoebe, need mimosas for breakfast to deal with life

friends moments thats us 4

5. Yep, that one late 20’s birthday when we didn’t want to age

friends moments thats us 5


6. Remember telling this to your friends once, twice and a million other times?

friends moments thats us 6

7. Or sitting there and wondering, how am I single? I’m such a catch!

friends moments thats us 7


8. Wait, who needs a knight when there’s pizza?

friends moments thats us 9

9. Of course, there are always spirits with us at weddings!

friends moments thats us 8


10. Go ahead and make stupid decisions, we dare ourselves

friends moments thats us 10

11. While our friends are like…

friends moments thats us 11


12. But you know they’ll be there for you <3

friends moments thats us 12

So, here’s to Friends and the cast who have been entertaining us since 1994. And even though the show stopped airing in 2004, it’s still the best thing that ever happened to us. They have taught us the meaning of life in its real sense and now it’s an unsaid rule that our friends will be there for us, when it’s not our day, our month or even our year.


Guess what? Comedy Central is hosting a Friends Ultra-Marathon this week, 11 am onwards! The ultra-marathon would comprise of all 10 seasons, 236 episodes for 5 days airing back to back only on Comedy Central.

Not only that, if you think you’re ‘India’s Biggest Fan of Friends’ then they’ve got a contest you need to know about! The channel will feature a special ticker during the marathon, that the participants will have to keep a count of. The reader who shares the closest count of tickers, wins the contest!


*This post is in association with Comedy Central.

22 Jan 2018
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