6 Fragrances That Are Guaranteed To Score You Tons Of Compliments This Festive Season

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 14, 2021
6 Fragrances That Are Guaranteed To Score You Tons Of Compliments This Festive Season


Confession: We are fragrance polygamists here at POPxo. For most of us, perfumes have always been an extension of our wardrobe – a direct representation of our mood, the occasion, or the weather on any particular day. They help us tap into all our style personas (from classic to edgy) and often bring them to life. 

That said, we like to layer in new scents in the same way you might try a trending style of shorts or a new dress silhouette when the seasons change. And there’s one season in particular when this concept really comes into its own: Festive season. Yeah, it’s beginning to smell a lot like Diwali. And, though the fruity florals we loved over the summer will always hold a special place in our hearts, the tropical fragrance we wore in the warmer months may not translate as well, and can even disappear when the temperature starts to drop. So to help you rake in compliments this festive season, we’re listing down perfumes that’ll make you feel confident, fearless, and dare we say sexy?

6 Long-Lasting Perfumes That Will Carry You Through Festive

Have too many events coming up in your social calendar, let these scents be the no-brainers you can rely on.


Truly One Of A kind

If you prefer woody, over citrus, floral, or fruity scents. This fragrance mist is a blend of our deepest, darkest, most sensual musk. This charmingly light rose eau de toilette made with Britain’s favourite flower can be a good addition to your list. This long-lasting perfume is an inexpensive way to smell really, really good without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being. 

An Year-Round Winner!

This one has a cult-like following for valid reasons. The sparkling vanilla and woodsy blend make it the perfect fragrance to elevate your overall style. It’s super versatile and is a great choice for guests. Fresh and floral meets warm and sexy in this perfume. The heady, long-lasting fragrance will last long after the party is over, making it a great choice for those who like being the centre of attention.

The One That Smells Like A Literal Dream

Ok, we’re not exaggerating when we say, this jasmine-infused fragrance is one of the most incredible scents we’ve been lucky enough to spritz. There’s an instant warmth, freshness, and sweetness in sandalwood scents which is often described as ‘black gold’ by wearers. Trust us, this perfume is a thing of beauty. Designed to make its wearer feel sensual, wear it before your date to enhance your power of seduction.

Perfect For Your Saturday Night Out

This fragrance will have you at the very first spray. The fruity gourmand perfume will keep people guessing all night. It starts off smelling sweet due to heliotrope and plum nectar, but a few hours later, wears down to a spicier scent because of the sandalwood and tonka bean base, For nights when you want to sway from dusk to dawn, this alluring scent will set the mood on the dance floor.

To Ooze Confidence

For the raw & unafraid of exploring, this perfume is the real deal. The fragrance is a unique blend of cypress, sandalwood & birch notes that almost feels like an adrenaline rush & the long-lasting scent of amber, praline and suede stays like a sense of fearlessness. Exactly what is needed for your next party night. 

Straight-Up Sexy And Mysterious

Inside this gorgeous, iridescent-peachy bottle is a flowery combo of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose along with vetiver and patchouli, all of which work together to exude the shocking side of chic. If you’re itching for a vacation, this can be the ‘it’ perfume for you, splash it for you next night-around-the-town for that extra something.

Hacks To Make Your Perfume Long-Lasting

  • Slather on your go-to lotion before applying the fragrance. Apply a thin layer of lotion on your skin before you spritz on the perfume as oilier skin retains fragrance longer, so using a moisturizer first will help lock in the scent.
  • Apply perfume right after taking a shower as the moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent. This will also prevent the fragrance from staining your super delicate jewellery or clothes.
  • Layer on your skin with the unscented body oil and spritz your perfume over it. It’ll help hold the scent better and you won’t have to apply it that frequently.

Hope you’ve found the ONE!

Featured Image: Pexels