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Stop And Smell The Roses: These New Fragrances Have Our Heart (And Money)

Stop And Smell The Roses: These New Fragrances Have Our Heart (And Money)

Imagine going on a date – they dress aptly for the night, make great conversation, laugh at your jokes, and all things right. To end the evening on a good note, you go to hug them goodnight, and now all you can think of is if they ran to the restaurant. The attraction has taken a plunge of death and now you’re thinking of ways to dodge the next date you guys already planned at the table.

Investing in a fragrance has always been a personal commitment. Your scent plays an important role in telling the world who you are, conveys your aesthetic, and speaks volumes. The choice of your perfume not only affects how others see you but also how you feel. Studies report that fragrances affect your mood in more ways than we think.


Get Your Shopping Cart Ready For These Newbies

After a year of skincare-focussed lockdown, fragrance is taking the spotlight again. What are we doing? Simply passing our fixation on these new fragrance launches on to you. 

Smells Like A Sunday Morning

Clean Slate Cologne by Bath & Body Works is a woodsy, fresh fragrance with a punch of marine citrus notes blended with blue sage and sandalwood fragrance notes. Perfect for the coming monsoon season, this long-lasting cologne for men can make for a great gift (to yourself too).

Fancy Some Fruity Fragrance, Darling?

Amo Ferragamo per Lei EDP is a sophisticated fragrance with fruity top notes of pear and raspberry, that follows into a romantic heart of magnolia and osmanthus. The endnotes of warm cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, and cashmere steal the show and dry down to an enveloping embrace. 

What You Look For In A Man


“Built for thrill” – the brand description reads. Classic Electric Sky by Jaguar is a new launch for a magnetic personality, the one who is always on the move, going higher; someone with no limits. Do you dare?

Spring Might Be Gone But Your Perfume Can Bring It Back

With this fragrance, you can bring the feeling of spring and bloom wherever you want. This cutesy launch is a sunny cheer for whenever you require a mood lift. 

Seductive Fragrance On Our Radar

This, you wouldn’t want to miss! Guess brings to you a sensual blend of vibrant fruits and rare flowers. This daywear body mist opens with sultry notes of pink champagne and apple, into the heart of pink peony, jasmine sambac, and violet; to close the show with warm sandalwood, musk, and punch of vanilla to make your presence memorable. 


Can’t Go Wrong With A Classic, Can You?


Oh là là. Which fragrance list is complete without a Chanel? Definitely not ours. Chance Eau de Parfum is a brand new launch by Chanel and comes with 2 refills and one spritz bottle. Girls, believe us when we say that this is worth shelling out money for. 

Dreamer, Dream On


Ethereal Dreamer EDP by AND is a warm, citrusy, floral fragrance for someone who feels like the main character. It opens with the top notes of bergamot and fruity fragrance, into the heart of jasmine and iris, which close gently with vetiver and patchouli.

Mini Pocket Of Sunshine

Chopard Oud Malaki has earned a permanent spot on our perfume shelf. Do we need to say more? Available in a travel-size roll-on, this smoky and warm fragrance is spiked with punchy grapefruit and soft lavender, and grounds the scent up with the endnotes of mysterious spice. 


If Sophistication Was A Fragrance

If you want an elite touch in your fragrance stash, this new launch by Naso is your best choice. Opening with the notes of tobacco leaf and sweet amber, into the heart of tobacco vanilla and oud, this fragrance ends warmly with the notes of tonka bean extract and tobacco attar. 

Get your fragrance cart ready for a lasting impression they won’t forget. 

Features Images: Unsplash

07 Jul 2021

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