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Foodie Alert: 8 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You Just Don’t Like Sharing Food

Foodie Alert: 8 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You Just Don’t Like Sharing Food

Food is true love, it’s what holds us all together. For some people, it’s just for sustenance but for others, it’s everything. If you are in the latter category then you’re totally our type.

Now, sharing might be caring but sharing food is something that pinches every foodie. Sorry, call us shameless cause we just want to eat our snack in peace and without the pressure of having to offer it to everyone. Nope, not even a bite. And if you are on the same boat, then you’re going to totally relate to what we have to say next.

When Someone Asks For You To Share

Hey, Can I taste some of that?‘ This is the most dreaded question ever. And the answer is- hell no! Nope, sorry, nah, not gonna happen. 

You Squirm When Someone Dares To Touch Your Fries

As if asking wasn’t bad enough, there are those who just feel free to reach out for your fries. And I swear to god, it physically hurts to watch someone eating YOUR FOOD! But then again there are days when you manage to save your food like a knight in shining armor and growl MINE.

You’re Called The Weirdo Who Doesn’t Share

Just like Voldermort, you have this name and you’re completely fine with it. Not everyone understands why or how you’re weirdly protective about your food and that’s alright ‘coz even you don’t get it. But hey, love is just a feeling and it can be irrational.

Your Reflexes Are Super Strong

Ninja’s got nothing on you. Your reflexes are simply amazing. You’ve aced the art of smacking people’s hands away from your plate.

Asking For A Bite Is No Less Than A Sin In Your Eyes

We all know that’s a lie ‘coz it’s going to be a big portion-sized bite. And it doesn’t just end at one bite. People who don’t understand ‘no’ cannot be trusted. Plus when they break your trust, all hell will break loose.

You Get Suspicious When Someone Compliments Your Food

Yeah, don’t you think about it. We all know where that’s going and there’s no way you’re going to let them pull that one on you.

You Always Think About Sharing Your Food

The keyword here is ‘think’ you only ever think. It’s not like you haven’t tried or made a resolution but it just never works. 

The Fair Food Trade Offer Doesn’t Work

Sure, fair trade is nice but it just doesn’t work for you. Even if people offer you double of their food for just one bite of yours it’s not gonna work. You don’t care if it’s fair or not, you JUST DON’T WANT TO SHARE. Period.

We’d probably share food if the world was coming to an end but as long as there’s more food out there, we suggest you keep your hands away from ours!

Featured Image: Pinterest, Instagram

23 Mar 2021

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