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Fries AND Fashion! These Funky Accessories Are Just SO Awesome!

Fries AND Fashion! These Funky Accessories Are Just SO Awesome!

What are two of the things a girl can never get enough of? Fries and accessories! And have you ever looked at a cup of perfect golden fries and wished you could carry it around everywhere you go? Looks like the world of fashion read your mind because this newest accessory trend is a yummy amalgamation of everything you love. Accessories inspired from food items are all the rage this season and we don’t mind diving right in!


1 food inspired accessory

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From the high fashion streets of Milan to our neighborhood, food and fashion lovers seems to have opened their hearts up to this cute trend. They may look a little odd at first but the right kind of odd you need in your life. I mean, who could say no to a bag that looks like a doughnut?!

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2 food inspired accessory

POPxo Recommends: Ice-cream Cross Body Bag (Rs 910)

And not just accessories. The trend became popular so fast that retailers and designers quickly incorporated them into various items of clothing too. Who knew a cute little t-shirt full of ice-cream prints or pineapples would make you look trendy! This trend proves that you can eat your cake and wear it too. We sure are feeling hungry now, what about you?

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20 Jun 2016

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