#ADORBS: 20 Food Inspired Accessories That Are The CUTEST!!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
#ADORBS: 20 Food Inspired Accessories That Are The CUTEST!!


If you’re a foodie, you’re bound to fall in love with these yummy accessories. They’re super-cute and look absolutely delish! You know, the kind to not just make heads turn, but also make people wonder where you picked them up from. Here are 10 food-inspired accessories you need to get your hands on, pronto!

1. Nutella Phone Cover- iPhone 5S/Samsung 3 – Style Fiesta

food inspired accessories

We bet you can’t think of a single person who doesn’t like Nutella. And a phone case that resembles a jar of everyone’s fav chocolate spread? Delightful! Get this case to make a bold statement!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

2. NEW LOOK Lemon Print Socks – KOOVS

food inspired accessories

Lemons on your socks? Well, that’s adorable! This pair comes in a pretty colour with a fun print and keeps your feet snug – do you need more reasons to buy it? We didn’t think so!

Price: Rs 195. Buy it here.

3. Starbucks Earphone Plug Jack – Shopclues

food inspired accessories

A tiny Starbucks sipper on your phone? Hell to the yes! These cuties will get you EVERYONE’s attention with the least amount of effort.

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

4. Cheri Red/Golden Ring – Jabong

food inspired accessories

Nothing spells cute like a watermelon-inspired ring. Pair this pretty little trinket with any outfit for a dash of chutzpah!  

Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

5. Pineapple Pendant Necklace – Forever 21

food inspired accessories

It’s vibrant, funky and sooo drool-worthy! This pineapple-shaped pendant gives us major tropical vibes. It makes for the perfect little addition to your jewelry box.

Price: Rs 259. Buy it here.

6. Chocolate Phone Cover – Style Fiesta

food inspired accessories

Did you know the world could run out of chocolate in 2020? Now you do! And if you’re one of those who can’t get enough of cocoa, this quirky, one-of-a-kind phone cover will make you happy…really, really happy!

Price: Rs. 550. Buy it here.

7. M&M Pen Drive – The Fappy Store

food inspired accessories

Been craving M&M’s lately? Don’t worry, you can carry your favourite treats everywhere you go (just don’t bite into one!). These adorable little storage devices will make everyone you meet go “awww”.

Price: Rs. 479. Buy it here.

8. Blues Jewellery Fauna 18K Yellow Gold Pendant – Flipkart

food inspired accessories

Not sure if these will keep the doc at bay, but it’s sinful not to get your hands on something as pretty! Perfect for days when you’re going for a minimalistic look.

Price: Rs. 2,300. Buy it here.

9. Watermelon Fruit Clutch – NEW LOOK

food inspired accessories

It doesn’t get fruitier than this, ladies! Take this watermelon clutch to a brunch outing and you’re bound to make your peeps jealous.

Price: Rs. 995. Buy it here.

10. SKINNY DIP Ice Cream Cross-Body Bag – ASOS

ice cream bag

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! This sling bag is the answer to your prayers. It is also a constant reminder of everything summery.

Price: Rs. 2,527. Buy it here.

11. Forbidden Fruit Cover For Earphone Jack – Limeroad

food inspired accessories

Love receiving compliments? Well, this accessory ensures the compliments keep coming! It’s made from swarovski elements which, on a dull day, can brighten things up!

Price: Rs. 2,790. Buy it here.

12. Microware Cherry Shape 16GB Pen Drive – Flipkart

food inspired accessories

It is hard not to fall in love with this cherry-shaped pen drive! Vibrant, pretty and oh so berrylicious, this handy storage device makes even a mundane task like data transfer seem like fun.

Price: Rs. 699. Buy it here.

13. Ice Cream Cup Cell Phone Strap – Amazon

food inspired accessories

This mouth-watering mobile charm is enough to make you crave ice-cream all day! It’s hard to believe something so tiny can make such a BIG impression.

Price: Rs. 741. Buy it here.

14. Abhooshan Red Apple Enamel Studs – Amazon

food inspired accessories

Bright red and tiny in size make this pair of cute studs a complete winner! Wear these babies to a casual occasion and pair them with a BIG smile (ear-to-ear, get it, get it?!).

Price: Rs. 299. Buy it here.

15.  Plastic Bowl Food Pendant Phone Strap – Amazon

food inspired accessories

These food-inspired collectables are adorable AND addictive. For the girl who loves to give her a phone a makeover every day, cutesy cell phone charms should be top priority!

Price: Rs. 644. Buy it here.

16. Banana Watch – ASOS

food inspired accessories

Love monkey-ing around all the time? This banana-themed watch will sit perfectly on your wrist. Everything from the dial to the strap is covered in banana motifs. The more, the merrier we say!

Price: Rs. 1,225. Buy it here.

17. Tetra Box Sling Bag – Sugar Box

food inspired accessories

Would you like some milk with that tea? The answer is always going to be yes once you get your hands on these cool tetra pack sling bags. Perfect for carrying everyday essentials, this sling says kitsch like no other.

Price: Rs. 1,050. Buy it here.

18. Living Royal Banana Split Ankle Socks – ASOS

food inspired accessories

This pair of socks with a banana split print is absolutely DROOLWORTHY! They’re so quirky, they stand up and call out for attention. #TrueStory

Price: Rs. 510. Buy it here.

19. House Of Holland Nails By Elegant Touch – ASOS

food inspired accessories

These one-of-a-kind fingernails are anything but drab. They’re edgy, vibrant, and look absolutely delicious. Now ladies, nail-biting is still considered bad manners!

Price: Rs. 918. Buy it here

20. New Look Ice Lolly Clutch – ASOS

food inspired accessories

An ice-candy with sprinkles? Yes, please! This clutch might not store much but it throws a whole lot of attitude…the right kind!

Price: Rs. 1,327. Buy it here.

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