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My Hair Transformation Has Been Nothing Short Of Astounding After Using This Hair Mask

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Much like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, this Protein Powered Deep Conditioning Hair Mask by Fix My Curls stands as a powerhouse for your hair. This isn’t just another addition to your haircare routine, it’s the secret weapon you didn’t realise your curls were craving.

What Is It?

This Protein Powered Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a balanced, protein-packed hair mask designed to breathe life back into your curls and waves. This formula doesn’t just stop at repairing damage, it dives deeper to hydrate and revitalise, ensuring your hair says goodbye to frizz and flyaways for good.

Infused with a luxurious blend of cocoa and rose fragrance, this vegan hair mask utilises a trio of proteins from soy, wheat, and corn to resurrect even the most lifeless hair. Furthermore, the addition of cacao seed butter and avocado oil, effortlessly detangles and smoothens your strands, while apple amino acids provide the intensive rehabilitation your hair has been longing for.

Our Thoughts

Since integrating this mask into my haircare routine, the transformation has been nothing short of astounding. The promise of repaired, revitalised curls has been fulfilled beyond expectations. I have medium porosity hair, which means my hair absorbs everything pretty quickly. While I can’t use overnight oil treatments, my hair will remain dry until it gets the heavy hydration it needs.

I’ve just started experimenting with masks and this one has been an absolute game changer. First, you can use this as a 10-minute conditioning treatment after shampooing – that’s what I do twice a week. Then you just let your hair air-dry and voila! Thick, fluffy curls full of volume. Tell me, is there any better feeling than watching your curls spring back after you’ve raked a hand through them?

The texture of the mask, akin to a rich, nurturing cream, makes application a luxurious experience. A little goes a long way, which is how I justify the price. I’ve been using mine for over a month and it’s only half done. The thing is it’s not just about the immediate detangling and softening effects, it’s the long-term recovery and strength that truly set this mask apart. And the fragrance? Deliciously chocolatey, honestly hard to keep it out of the mouth.

How To Use It?

Apply the mask generously to damp hair, post-shampoo. Concentrate on the areas that scream for attention, and let the mask work its magic for a few minutes, and then rinse it out. For normal hair, a bi-weekly ritual suffices, but for those battling dryness and damage, welcoming this mask into your weekly routine is the key.

What It Looks Like

Good To Know
Vegan Ingredients: Includes cacao seed butter and avocado oil for smoothness.
Ideal for Medium Porosity Hair: Offers heavy hydration without heavy residue.
Protein-Packed Formula: Revives curls with soy, wheat, and corn proteins.

In Conclusion

This protein hair mask isn't merely a product, it's the product for curly hair. I'll definitely be buying it again, you should try it too.

21 Feb 2024

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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