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Five Celeb-Approved Ways To Get The Most Versatile Indian Wear Wardrobe Ever

Five Celeb-Approved Ways To Get The Most Versatile Indian Wear Wardrobe Ever

Take this for a fact: those who know how to invest in the right basics, always stay ahead in the fashion game. For these are the people who are always equipped with the essentials to whip up a statement look from the most basic of the fashion picks. Now, when it comes to your Indian wear, while you might find it challenging to envision a full proof, versatile wardrobe that can take you from workwear to festive looks effortlessly, it is not as difficult as it seems!

In fact, when it comes to Indian wear, it is rather easy to create a capsule collection that’ll take you a long way to provide you what to shop options and how to go about it. Dont’s trust us? Well, to prove our point here are five celebrity-approved ways to get the most versatile Indian wear wardrobe that you’ll ever have:

Begin With The Basic Shades


Right from your office formals to Indian wear, neutral shades like beige, white, cream, and black make for some of the most versatile wardrobe picks. Not only do wardrobe basics in these colours go with almost everything imaginable, but they also tend to look less repetitive in comparison to other pop out shades and prints. Think of investing in a pristine white anarkali that can be paired with a number of dupattas as well as bottoms. You can even add a statement stole and cinch it with a belt for a bohemian touch. The same holds true for basic (read plain) sarees, skirts, and blouses. 

Classics For The Win


No matter how big some trends become in a particular season, classics will always have a way of winning the show! A crisp white patiala or a nicely gathered churidar will never steal the show. The same holds true for a basic sleeveless blouse and even a classic Banarasi for that matter. 

Traditional But Make It Contemporary


Traditional but contemporary: an oxymoron that’s as easy to practice as it sounds while choosing your Indian wear basics. To begin with, contemporary doesn’t mean trendy! By contemporary, we basically imply, pay close attention to the details like colours, patterns, and prints. None of us wants to look outdated while attempting for a classic wardrobe and thus it is important to understand the colour palettes–as well as designs that were a norm back in our mothers’ days–aren’t anymore. Thus, go for newer, fresher prints and colour contrasts as you stick to classic cuts and silhouettes. 

Keep Your Styling Arsenal Handy


While curating a versatile Indian wear closet, ensure to pick a belt and a couple of jackets and you’d be surprised how far they can actually take you. A judiciously picked jacket, for instance, would go equally well with a kurta, saree, and even a lehenga skirt. And speaking of skirts, picking a nice flared option in a neutral shade and a timeless fabric like silk or net will also go a long way. And while you are at it, don’t forget to stock on a nice, sturdy belt. 

Focus On The Fabrics


While we tend to focus on the design and silhouette while shopping, it is, in fact, the fabric that takes us a long way. Invest in finer silks, which aren’t too glossy and translate equally well from a brunch time outfit to a fancy dinner. Chiffons work equally well but get crumpled too easily. 

See ladies, easy peasy, right?

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Apr 2020

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