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5 Fun Legging Styles You Can Wear To The Gym (& Everywhere Else) Post Lockdown

5 Fun Legging Styles You Can Wear To The Gym (& Everywhere Else) Post Lockdown

Complain as much as you can about being homebound during the lockdown but deep down we all know that we are living our best lives in those comfy leggings. I, for one, am beginning to doubt if I’d want to come out of leggings even after we are done with the lockdown. But in all honesty, it’s not like I never wore my leggings outside the house or the gym even before lockdown. 

Well, that’s the beauty of athleisure: when done right, it can take you places, quite literally! In fact, when it comes to leggings, they are a wardrobe staple, right? From a sweaty workout session to even a dinner date, there remain few places that haven’t been taken over by the comforts of leggings. However, basic as they might be, you are gravely mistaken if you follow a one-pair-fits-all approach with your leggings.

With an inundating variety of leggings available in the market, it becomes important for us to segregate them especially when we seek to elevate them from activewear to streetwear, office wear, and well, what not! We have narrowed down the vast variety of leggings and made a utility-based list for you to splurge on once the lockdown gets over. Read on:


Before anything else, it is as sportswear that leggings earned their coveted place in our everyday closets. For so many of us that remains the primary function of leggings to date. Then there are those who just lead an active lifestyle. Now, if you happen to be one of those people who are constantly training or just tend to walk a lot, athletic leggings have to be your first choice. These leggings are designed keeping in mind the support required for high impact movement. Most of them also happen to be dry fit and thus elevate your overall functionality. For athletic leggings, while brands like Puma, Nike, and Zelocity make for a great option. You can also explore Mazeix, an e-commerce platform offering international active-wear labels, exclusively in India. As for the styling, simply add a pair of chunky white sneakers, a closed neck colour-pop T-shirt and win the style game as you ace your active lifestyle.

Street Chic

Think leggings are too basic to be worn with your cute ruffled shirt? If your answer is “yes,” then perhaps you are choosing the wrong style. To incorporate leggings in dressy outfits, opt for leggings that have stylish details. Elaborate hems are always a safe bet and from mesh detailing to lace accents, there is just so much that you can try your hands on. Pair your cutesy leggings with a trendy top or simply a nice, crisp shirt, add some hoops, a pair of wedges and voila, you are all set to exude use some solid street-chic vibes. 


There remains hardly anyone untouched by the charms of leather pants that are taking over the fashion scene this season. However, how comfortable are they really? Might we help you with a suggestion: ditch the pants, opt for leggings and bam! Leather bottoms are comfy as well! Currently, Zara has quite a few faux leather bottoms in its arsenal and we highly recommend their coloured offerings over the solid black ones. To complete the look, simply add a front-knotted T-shirt or an oversized white shirt, a pair of strappy heels, and you’d be gold!


Say what you may but you are no athleisure enthusiast if you don’t have a pair of printed leggings in your closet! However, instead of opting for the hyper elaborate prints that blew up in the past couple of years, this season calls for a shift to subtle more subdued ones. Think of animal prints and pastel tropicals. Additionally, you can also go for geometrical prints that define your legs. Balance the look with solid sneakers and a plain t-shirt.


All of us know a friend who has not been able to make peace with the idea of wearing leggings as bottom wear especially when it comes to taking them outside the gym. In fact, some of us are that friend and that’s okay. And it’s okay ‘coz this is exactly when treggings come to our rescue. Tregiggngs are basically leggings that look like trousers but feel like leggings. Now, who doesn’t want that?


So ladies, all set to glide through the summer in your comfy leggings?

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15 Apr 2020

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