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Hate Exercise? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On!

Hate Exercise? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On!

Isn’t this the story of all our lives? We love the post-workout rush, but dragging ourselves to the gym or out for a run can sometimes be a herculean task! We love the thought of lean abs and jiggle-free arms, but scrounging around for motivation is sometimes a bigger strain than the workout. If you, like us, have a hot-and-cold relationship with exercise, read on…


1. Trainer Tamasha

1. fitness for the lazy girl

You want to MURDER your trainer when he asks for another set of squats! But when your shapely derriere starts getting compliments – you LOVE your trainer! Leg workouts suck – but the sight of your toned calves in that pencil skirt = PRICELESS!

2. Cancellation Feels!

No exercise today? YAY! Now you can chill in your pajamas! But then five hours later, you’re feeling cranky and WHAM, here comes the realization that it’s because of lack of exercise! As much as exercise seems like a chore – you really HATE missing your workout. But then again, tomorrow is another day and you’re determined to stay on track in your fitness journey.

3. Race Jitters

3. fitness for the lazy girl

You sign up for a race and start your training journey with a lot of motivation and excitement. And then the legs start hurting, you wonder what made you sign up.  But the spa package that awaits you once you get your finisher medal – THAT makes it so worth it! Not to mention the fact that you feel so good about what you’ve accomplished.

4. Red Faced Randomness

That awkward moment when, in the middle of your workout, your face takes on the hue of a tomato. Embarrassment aside – it’s proof that you’re doing it right. And it’s completely worth it when you see your friends going green with envy at your fitness levels!

5. Morning Mayhem

5. fitness for the lazy girl (FINAL)

You set five alarms just to make sure you wake up in time for your morning run. And on the odd day that you do manage to squeeze in an AM workout – you feel like an accomplished warrior princess! If only such productive mornings came more often!!!

Getting fit isn’t always a smooth ride – and the struggle for motivation is an essential part of everyone’s fitness journey. All you need to do is persevere, and you’ll soon be #betterforit. Take inspiration from a brand new series by Nike Women: Margot vs Lily. A Better For It Production.


*This is a sponsored post for Nike

05 May 2016

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