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The First Tamil Gay Movie About A Father & Son Is The Kind Of Progress We Need

The First Tamil Gay Movie About A Father & Son Is The Kind Of Progress We Need

While we were absolutely ashamed of the fact that India voted for a death penalty at the UN, there are other little things that have been showing us that we have made progress at least when it comes to talking about homosexuality. We are firm believers in little steps and know that no matter what happens, we will get there, eventually.


In the midst of all the chaos, there are a few brave people who address something important. Homosexuality has not been addressed in Hindi movies and if it has, it has always been portrayed in the form of humour and hence it was time for a change. Which is why a young filmmaker, Lokesh Kumar has come up with a Tamil movie project called My Son is Gay, which stars Anupama Kumar, Kishore, Jayaprakash to name a few.

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Expressing his thoughts on the movie to a daily publication, Lokesh said that he was sceptical about this as it has never been done before but wanted to take a plunge anyway. The movie is already getting a lot of attention at the international arenas including at the Melbourne Film Festival and at The NYC LGBT Film Festival and we couldn’t be happier!

Being a homosexual is not a sin. It is just as normal as having any other sexual orientation. While Australia has legalised Gay marriage in 2017, we hope to see India at the pedestal super soon too. It’s never too late to love, love!

More power to you, Lokesh!

Image credits: Deccan Chronicle

24 Nov 2017

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