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Inspired By The Hermès Women, This Fragrance Could Be Your Next Signature Scent!

Inspired By The Hermès Women, This Fragrance Could Be Your Next Signature Scent!

Modern yet traditional, mysterious and demure… As a woman, you, are all these things and more. Inspired by the ideal Hermès women (clad in a signature silk scarf), master perfumer Christine Nagel created Twilly d’Hermès. A new fragrance that was launched earlier this year was finally introduced to Indian audiences yesterday. Its spirit celebrates today’s femme fatale. The question is: can it be your new signature scent? Here’s my first impression of Twilly d’Hermès.

The Inspiration

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With a combination of floral, citrus and exotic notes, the fragrance is inspired by the Hermes girl. There’s a sense of freedom and creativity with which these young women transform the signature Hermès twilly scarves. A long, thin silk scarf, which has been worn by women through the ages as an extension of their personality and style. The fragrance pays homage to THIS creative spirit.

Signature Packaging

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The bottle is a smaller version of their carriage lantern design and the cap is a black hat representing the wit of the modern woman. It came as no surprise when the signature twilly made another appearance on the neck of the bottle.

Notes and Sillage

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The perfume is an amalgamation of three notes: ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. It has a warm scent, which isn’t extremely fruity or spicy. With top notes of ginger and bitter orange, you’re hit with a whiff of spice; this transforms into a rather floral mix of tuberoses and jasmine (I could only smell tuberoses). However, the endnotes of sandalwood and vanilla linger on the whole day.

The Last Word


What caught my eye wasn’t the scent, packaging or even the bottle, it was the free spirit that this scent represented and the powerful campaign that took my breath away. The sheer oestrogen-laden energy in this campaign felt like a sharp blow to my head, something that woke me up to the world that we are in today. A world where all of us women are all tied together with the same colorful string.

Along with the perfume and campaign, they also launched an exclusive augmented reality app, which can be accessed when you buy the fragrance. Once you download the app and place your Twilly bottle in front of the camera, you will find yourself at the heart of the Hermès store in Paris.

Price and Availability

Twilly d’hermes perfume price in India at INR 8,850 for 85 ml, Twilly d’Hermès is available at authorized perfume dealerships in India.

29 Nov 2017

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