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8 Fun And Affordable First Birthday Gift Ideas

8 Fun And Affordable First Birthday Gift Ideas

While your little one won’t understand all the chaos surrounding their first birthday, there’s still a whole lot to celebrate. In the first year of their life, kids achieve countless developmental milestones, including sitting, crawling, and pulling themselves up. In fact, by this time their grasp of language would have become better, and they would have learned to give you endless hugs and kisses. Looking at their development, it’s crazy to think that they were in your womb just a year ago!

So if you are in need of some fun first birthday gift ideas to celebrate your little one then keep reading, as we have got you covered with an entire list. These gift ideas are perfect for their developmental progress and also keep their skin and hair needs in check.


8 Fun First Birthday Gift Ideas

8 Fun First Birthday Gift Ideas
Look for gifts that promote social and motor skills in your little one and also enhance their language skills / Image credit: Freepik

A Set Of Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book

Support your little one’s blossoming language skills by gifting them a set of nursery rhyme books. The sing-stories in the books can delight your munchkin during bedtime and also lay the foundation for strong vocabulary and literacy skills in them. These books usually come with interactive and fun visuals that will keep them entertained while parking their creative and imaginary skills as well.


A Nourishing Hair Kit

Give your little one’s strands a little bit of extra care and nourishment with the strong hair combo from BabyChakra. The gift combo features their classic strengthening baby hair oil and natural strengthening baby shampoo which cleanse and nourish their scalp and promote 2X stronger hair growth. Like all BabyChakra products, these haircare items are made chemical-free and are dermatologically tested for safety. The Hair combo also comes with a cute backpack, which your little one will love to carry on their outdoor adventures. 

A Toy Subscription

How about a gift that keeps on giving all year round? Introducing toy subscription services for babies that offer monthly or bi-monthly gift options for your little one to play with. These fun toy boxes come loaded with educational and interactive projects that promote language development and social skills in your munchkin. This is in fact one of the most clever first birthday gifts that will keep your little one happy as well as encourage healthy development in them. 


A First Car

A First Car
Go for a classic gift option and give your baby their very first car / Image credit: Freepik

Growing up, you would have had toy cars that you played around with all the time. So why not give your little one this iconic gift? This is great for their development and agility and will keep them fuss-free and engaged for long hours. You can also look for a princess version of this car if your little girl likes everything pink.

A Therapy Care Combo

Keep your baby’s skin and tummy troubles away with this effective therapy care combo from BabyChakra. The combo contains BabyChakra’s tummy relief roll-on, which is formulated with plant-based actives that soothe your little one’s stomach concerns and provide quick relief from conditions like gas, acidity, and constipation. Additionally, the care combo consists of their after-bite roll-on, which is formulated to soothe insect and mosquito bites and reduce inflammation. The combo comes in a backpack and can be easily carried when you are out and about with your little one. 


A Wooden Climber

A sturdy and durable wooden climber is a great gift for a one-year-old who has already been showing an adventurous spirit and could use a boost when it comes to balancing and learning motor skills. Adjust the height of the wooden climber and add different attachments to keep your little one engaged and happy. The best part? These wooden climbers are foldable so you can easily carry them while visiting your munchkin’s grandparents and other relatives.

A Vibrant Shape-sorting Box

A Vibrant Shape-sorting Box
Colourful blocks and toys can enhance your little one’s motor skills and keep them occupied for long / Image credit: Freepik

Babies are delighted when given repetitive tasks. The reason? These games help them discover the world around them, and understand the cause-and-effect method, and is also great for refining their fine motor skills. Gift them a shape-sorting box that comes with textured blocks in various shapes and sizes along with a large cube container. Your little one can easily push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube for a frustration-free game that will keep them occupied for longer than you think.


A Baby Pampering Gift Kit

Next up is a gift kit that parents will appreciate a lot. Designed with love by The Moms Co., the baby pampering suitcase kit comes with seven essential baby products that are a perfect addition to your little one’s routine. All the products in this gift kit are formulated with natural and plant-based actives, which are super-gentle and effective on your baby’s skin. The best part is that the products come in a suitcase which is travel-friendly and can be carried easily when you are out on a vacation with your little one. The gift set has the following baby skin and haircare products from The Moms Co.

  • Natural baby lotion: It offers long-lasting hydration to your little one’s skin and prevents dry skin conditions like eczema.
  • Natural baby wash: Formulated with organic oils that gently cleanse your little one’s skin without stripping the natural oils.
  • Natural baby shampoo: Features a tear-free formula that keeps your baby’s scalp clean and promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Natural massage oil: Blended with powerful natural oils that keep your little one’s skin smooth and soft and promote strong and healthy bones.
  • Natural hair oil: Reduces concerns like cradle cap and keeps your munchkin’s hair soft and detangled.
  • Natural diaper rash cream: Keeps painful diaper rashes at bay and soothes your little one’s irritated skin.
  • Natural baby powder: It helps keep your munchkin’s skin sweat and moisture-free and prevents irritation.

These first birthday gift ideas are equal parts attractive and functional and will be appreciated both by you and your little one. So take inspiration from this list and choose the most suitable gift to make your munchkin’s first birthday all the more special and memorable. Happy shopping, mums and dads!


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07 Dec 2022
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