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The Perfect Neckline? Read THIS Before You Get That Sari Blouse

The Perfect Neckline? Read THIS Before You Get That Sari Blouse

Paying attention to the smallest details of your outfit can make all the difference between looking good and looking amazing! So, when you are wearing a sari, you want to make sure you pick the perfect blouse to compliment the sari and you. And choosing the right neckline can transform your look completely! That’s why we’ve got something for each one of you…

1. For The Girl With A Fuller Figure

1 best neckline for you

Image: Sonakshi Sinha On Instagram

You’re blessed with assets that should be shown off to the world, and there are interesting ways in which you can do that! Sweetheart necklines are your friend, they highlight the curves and still keep them from being too much attention-grabbing. Scoop necks work well when you want go a bit risque! Avoid anything that covers the shoulder blades or the chest too much!

2. For The Girl With A Smaller Bust

2 best neckline for you

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

Your ladies need to be given some attention, so choose blouses that have higher necklines, embellishment in front, halters, etc. This defines your curves and accentuates them beautifully. Stay away from very open necks as they make you look a bit flat and don’t give much shape to your bust.

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3. If You Have Broader Shoulders

3 best neckline for you

Image: Bipasha Basu On Instagram

When you have broader shoulders, it’s a good idea to wear a blouse that divides the body proportionately. When wearing scoop necks, or powered sleeves, make sure the rest of the blouse is in proportion. A narrow strap that rests on the shoulder and arm joint along with a square shaped neckline works like magic!

4. For The Petite Girl

4 best neckline for you

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

Your build is petite, and you feel that when you wear a sari, you go a bit unnoticed amidst all those drapes? Trust us, you don’t! Try wearing fancy deep necklines like the halter, the close neck U, the illusion neckline. All these are good for you.

5. For The Athletic Girl

5 best neckline for you

Image: Anushka Sharma On Instagram

When your body shape is very lean, the shoulders, the waist and the thighs are all in one line. Then it’s vital that we play around with silhouettes to create that visually appealing curvy shape. Try a sweetheart or a scoop neck, or maybe a V to draw the attention downwards. Basically, go for embellished and interesting necklines to show off that bod.

6. When You Want To Draw Attention Away From Your Arms

6 best neckline for you

Image: Huma Qureshi On Instagram

Believe it or not, fuller arms can be camouflaged by a simple trick of choosing the right neckline. Most actresses use this tip pretty well and see the results! It look amazing. A boat neck, or an off shoulder neckline and fitted sleeves create a beautiful look!

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7. For the Short Girl

7 best neckline for you

Image: Madhuri Dixit On Instagram

Hey girl, you’re not short, you’re cute! And choosing the right neckline can actually make you taller, if that’s what you are aiming for. Wear vertically elongated V necks, they make a person look taller and slimmer instantly. Keep away from Chinese collars and anything that cuts the neck disproportionately.

8. For The Girl With A Longer Neck

8 best neckline for you

Image: Deepika Padukone On Instagram

If you have been favoured with a longer neck, you might not want it look longer, especially if you’re planning to put your hair up. So instead balance it out with a high Chinese collar or a jewelled neckline like Deepika. It divides takes attention away from the neck and pulls it to the face, and not just that, it looks brilliant too!

13 Jul 2016

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