#Zodiac: What Does September Have In Store For YOU?!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
#Zodiac: What Does September Have In Store For YOU?!


With September looming up, it seems as though 2015 has passed most of us by in quite a whirlwind manner! The principal headline this month is that two eclipses will occur. This ensures a dramatic, eventful kind of month as eclipses tend to bring a lot of change in the atmosphere. Read on to find out what September has in store for you!


aries september 2015 horoscope

September 2015 could be a memorable time because the stellar combinations that directly affect the people born under this sign will be incredibly strong and positive. Mars, your planet, will help you solve any problem that arises this month and you should be able to sail through with calm confidence. Your powers of persuasion will come in handy if those around you aren’t as cooperative as you would like for them to be.


taurus september 2015 horoscope

The next month brings a much welcome stage of life and is planned for greater happiness. Venus, the ruler of your horoscope, starts making progress in the early days of this month, bringing more self-confidence and self-esteem. Love is starting to blossom now and old conflicts should be resolved. Health and energy are much improved over the past few months and pleasure and feelings of joy should be greater than in previous months.


gemini september 2015 horoscope

An eventful month lies ahead for you, Gemini. It is a good time to make big decisions and be bold. While you may not know which specific direction to take to make these changes, you can rest assured that after the eclipse the dust will settle and you will gain enough conceptual clarity to feel guided enough to take these big steps!  


cancer september 2015 horoscope

The eclipse this month will affect your ability to communicate effectively with others – however, since this is one of your strongest attributes it will likely not be impacted negatively. Still, it wouldn’t hurt for you to consider rearranging your schedule to avoid stressful activities! The eclipse tends to bring an atmosphere of change with it, and you can expect a major change in the lives of those around you. You may even find yourself going for a new look and re-inventing the way you want to be seen!


leo september 2015 horoscope

Since your career successes can be counted in plenty for this year, you should consider taking a step ahead and focusing on career goals for the next year! You are already ahead of the game, so what is one more step in the right direction? Focus on your family and your emotional well-being. The month ahead also looks very prosperous. Go with your gut this month as you are likely right in your thinking! There is some indication of foreign travel to look forward to!


virgo september 2015 horoscope

September promises an active month ahead, Virgo. While you will be raring to go, it is important to remember to not burn the candle at both ends and give yourself a chance to rest up and replenish on the energy side of things. The month sees you in good health generally, but if you move ahead too quickly, you could find stressful times around the corner. So pace yourself, and success shall be yours!


libra september 2015 horoscope

As there are two eclipses this month, much change is expected in life. In spite of this turbulence and excitement, the month ahead promises many positive things for you! Financial pressures will be eased and you can expect a certain amount of clarity in your personal life. Look out for new perspectives and attitudes towards things where spirituality is concerned! There is very positive energy in the air for you this month, and you can expect a yearly pleasure peak!  


scorpio september 2015 horoscope

While the month focuses more on financial or career matters for you rather than love and family, you will have to balance all domains of life equally – which may indicate a stressful month ahead. There is some indication of a romantic interest entering your life towards the end of the month! Career growth will be more than satisfactory for Scorpios. You can expect to have the support of your superiors in your professional successes. Social connections and hard work will help you in the progress of your business.


sagittarius september 2015 horoscope

If you are skilful enough, Sagittarius – this month looks like it could go your way! Combining self-will and determination will help you accomplish your objectives!  This means you cannot rely on social charm alone. The month also predicts that many conflicts in your life will be resolved, due to the planetary positions being in your sign’s favour! Use this to your advantage and make amends where need be.


capricorn september 2015 horoscope

You are one sign whose self-sufficient attitude will help them soar, this month! While financial issues may cross your mind, this month you can be rest assured that all will turn out well in this area.  Balancing the various aspects of your life such as family, love and work will be difficult this month and you should strive to communicate effectively with family members to help this situation out, perhaps even suggest a family trip!


aquarius september 2015 horoscope

Since September seems to be focusing on your work life, you will likely have a better idea of the direction of your career this month. Be flexible with your routine and allow others to help you out wherever possible. While your determination and strong will are assets, social interaction with others will help to get things done. Love will be pleasant over all this month – provided you resist the urge to indulge in misunderstandings over minor issues!


pisces september 2015 horoscope

September is a month in which your ability to compromise will be tested, and collaboration with other people will help you succeed further in life. Brushing up on your communications skills is most advised, as is a balanced home and work/ school life routine. Love will keep you going this month, and you can expect a romantic encounter out of the blue!

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