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10 Times We Got A ‘Fetish’ For Birthday Girl, Selena Gomez’s Fashion Choices!

10 Times We Got A ‘Fetish’ For Birthday Girl, Selena Gomez’s Fashion Choices!

Damn right we got a fetish for your love, Selena. Not only for your beautiful voice but also for your gorgeous fashion sense. Whether she’s heading out for a music tour or a morning walk, whether she’s wearing a slogan t-shirt or an outrageous naked dress, her outfits have always been simple yet sexy. 

0 selena gomez - selena gomez smiling

And on this occasion of the singer’s 26th birthday, we are celebrating her best outfits so far. Here are 10 looks of Selena Gomez that we have got a serious fetish for.

1. When The Wizards Of Waverly Place Reunited In Style

1 selena gomez - wizards of waverly place

Yes, that’s a corduroy jacket that she is wearing making the 4th of July even more lit.

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2. When Her Bomber Jacket Looked Not Cool But HOT!

2 selena gomez - coach handbags

Up until now, I thought bomber jackets were cool! Only Selena can make them look hot.

3. When She Picked A Patent Leather Dungree Over Denim To Glam Up

3 selena gomez - patent leather dress

Take a cue from Selena on when to denim up and when to denim down.

4. When She Made A Simple High-Slit Gown Look Sexy

4 selena gomez - high slit dress

Now, we would wear a light floral dress like this in the day. Thanks to Selena for teaching us how to take outfits from AM to PM.

5. When She Went For “Morning Walks” In Distressed Dungarees

5 selena gomez - denim dungarees

A fuzzy crop top and boyfriend fit dungarees, damsel will never be in distress again, distressed maybe!

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6. When Red Sunglasses (Not Lipstick) Broke The All-Black Code

6 selena gomez - retro sunglasses denim jacket

Hop up on an all-black-everything outfit by teaming different shades of black together. It’ll give your outfit more dimension and your accessories more freedom to be.

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7. When She Wore A Band T-shirt Looking Anything But Basic

7 selena gomez - guns n roses t-shirt

Don’t underestimate the power of a common shirt. Just remember to pair them with statement accessories and you’re done.

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8. When She Wore A Casual Checked Shirt Over An LBD

8 selena gomez - checked shirt with  lbd

This is the most surprised I’ve been at a Gomez outfit. A hi-fi party dress overtook by a casual checked shirt, who would have thought!

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9. When Her Black Dress Was Sheer Love

9 selena gomez - black dress

And there’s yet another proof that nothing can replace the elegance of a black dress.

10. When Her Sunglasses Did All The Talking

10 selena gomez - denim dress with thigh-high boots and printed sunglasses

Not the mini denim dress or thigh-high boots, but the eye directly goes to them printed framed sunnies. Can you imagine this picture is from three years ago?

Here’s wishing Selena Gomez a very happy birthday!


18 Jul 2018

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