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7 Amazing Tips For Always Smelling Fresh ‘Down There’

Well, ladies, let’s face it: ALWAYS smelling fresh “down there” isn’t the easiest thing. The slightest imbalance in our hormones, or the proliferation of bacteria – especially in this heat – can sometimes affect the way we smell. But with our super feminine hygiene tips, we make the task so much easier for you! 

1. Change Your Pad Regularly When On Your Period

feminine hygiene tips

A not-so-nice scene down there can only be tackled by very scrupulous hygiene measures. And so you need to change your pad or tampon every four to five hours, irrespective of your flow on the given day.

2. Wash Gently, Without Soap

Yes, you read that right. When taking a shower, wash your lady parts with lukewarm water and AVOID using soap. Soap contains chemicals that can be harmful to the vagina, especially if you have sensitive skin. So, keep it simple, silly!

3. Cotton Panties All The Way

feminine hygiene tips

What looks pretty will not necessarily be comfortable. No matter how tempting and lovely silk, lace and satin may look, the material can have an adverse effect on your private parts. Believe it or not, the choice of material has a huge impact on your body and its odor. That’s why, except on days when you’re dressing up, stick to cotton! It’s loose, feels great and gives your skin a chance to breathe!

4. Healthy Fruits And Yoghurt

If you want to smell divine down there, do a diet reboot. Instead of consuming a lot of red meat and artificial sugary treats, opt for fruits and yoghurt instead. These babies are loaded with vitamins and the good kind of bacteria, which work wonders for feminine hygiene.

5. Rule Of Thumb: Pee After Sex

feminine hygiene tips

After having sex, please don’t forget to pee and wash your vaginal area. When you pee after sex, it pushes bacteria (if any) out. If you don’t, you might just catch a urine infection, and that’s going to cause both pain and an odour situation!

6. Take A Long, Warm Bath

We get that you’re always on the run, but sometimes, you must take some time off for yourself. Pamper yourself with a nice, warm shower or just soak yourself in a tub. While you’re at it, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar in the hot water. The vinegar will not only improve the acidic quality of the vagina, but will also fight toxins and destroy harmful bacteria.

7. Make Regular Trips To Your Gynaecologist

feminine hygiene tips

If none of the above is working out for you, you must consider seeing your family gynaecologist. If your vaginal discharge has a different colour, there’s always an odour down there, or you get rashes, it’s time to get a quick check-up. If you have a problem down there, don’t shy away from it, visit the doc and get it checked out!

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05 May 2016

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