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Fatima Sana Sheikh Will Inspire You To Use Social Isolation To Perfect Your Winged Liner

Fatima Sana Sheikh Will Inspire You To Use Social Isolation To Perfect Your Winged Liner

If there’s one thing we’re missing these days, it’s applying makeup. My makeup brushes haven’t been used in so long and it seems like my foundation will expire even before I get to use it again. But I’ve come to the conclusion that now is the best time to experiment with makeup. If the makeup turns out well, I’ll click a gazillion selfies and pose candidly on Instagram, and if it doesn’t then who is even seeing me! It makes total sense, right? 

You know the inspiration behind this thought is actress Fatima Sana Sheikh. Why, you ask? Fatima just uploaded gorgeous photographs of herself dolled up in a saree but we can’t stop staring at her eye makeup (read winged eyeliner). One makeup trend that most people feel scared of is the elusive winged eyeliner but I think now is the time to perfect it. 

The famous Dangal girl posted the picture with the caption “eyeliner on point” and we totally agree. With Indian outfits, you just can’t miss wearing kajal and eyeliner.  

Here are simple steps to perfect your winged eyeliner:

  1. Prep the eye area: Use concealer or eyeshadow primer on your lids to create an even base to apply makeup.
  2. If you’re using an eyeshadow, you can blend in a transition shade or a nude brown to create dimension in the eye.
  3. Make the first line of the eyeliner: using liquid eyeliner, draw a short, thin line from the outer corner of the eye, extending the natural curve of your lower lash line to the desired length. 
  4. You can even make small dots and then connect them or use a stencil if you find it difficult to draw freehand.
  5. Line the upper eyelid: Draw a line across the upper eyelid, following the natural curve of your upper lash line. From the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner and continuing to parallel the first line you made.
  6. Fill in whatever gaps you find.

So ladies, ready to wing it?

Featured Image Source: Instagram

05 Aug 2020

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