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#ShortGirlProblems: 10 Fashion Rules You SHOULD Be Breaking!

#ShortGirlProblems: 10 Fashion Rules You SHOULD Be Breaking!

There are a million fashion rules out there which could be challenged, and styling for a short frame is one of them. We firmly believe that being vertically challenged should never stop you from wearing what you want! Read on for styling tips on how to break these age-old rules successfully and embrace these styles with grace and élan. As it is rightly said, that there are no rules in fashion – and THAT should be your mantra!

Myth #1: Don’t wear maxi dresses

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Maxi dresses are the most versatile piece of clothing, and keeping short girls from wearing them is nothing short of a crime. As long as you choose the correct style that flatters your body structure, you can wear anything you want. One way for short girls to embrace maxi dresses is to opt for ones that are nipped in at the waist and have a side slit. Also stay away from large prints and choose small patterns or solids which give an illusion of height.  

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Myth #2: Short girls can’t pull off midi skirts

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Midi skirts are the current rage this season. However, the length of the hemline, which is mid-calf might make a short girl look shorter. The key is to opt for high-waisted skirts and cinch your waist with a belt. This automatically makes your legs look longer. Pair it with wedges or kitten heels to complete the look.

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Myth #3: Knee-high gladiators will shorten your legs further

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Knee-high gladiators are a dressier version of flats and could instantly jazz up your look. However, in case of the petite framed, it could make the legs appear shorter or thicker. To counter this, you can opt for a slight 2-3 inch platform heeled version, which would instantly have a lengthening effect on your calves. A colour which is closer to your skin tone would also have a similar effect. Additionally, pair them with clothes that are above knee-length, such as short dresses, skirts or shorts.

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Myth #4: Horizontal stripes will make you look broader (and so shorter)

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Do you believe that horizontal stripes will make you look shorter? False. If you have a slight frame, just opt for small stripes which are closer together on the top half rather than going head to toe.

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Myth #5: Short girls shouldn’t wear ankle-strap heels

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It’s usually believed that ankle-strap heels make your legs look chubbier and cut down your height. However, shorter people can also rock these beauties like everyone else. Just choose a thin strap rather than the broad ones and opt for the ones with straps which are closer to your foot rather than your calves.

POPxo Recommends: NO DOUBT Patent Barely There Sandals (Rs 2,295)

Myth #6: Baggy or loose-fitting clothes will hide your frame

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If you are petite, then chances are that you might feel swallowed-up in loose-fitting or baggy clothes. The key is to balance them with other shapely pieces. Opt for fitted denims with a baggy white T-shirt or accentuate your waist with a belt when wearing a loose dress.

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Myth #7: Pick heels over flats any day

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Petite women do not have to always wear heels to look taller. Instead, opt for a pair of chic pointed flats which will give the illusion of added height by simply lengthening your knee-to-toe line.

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Myth #8: Over-sized bags look frumpy

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Women having a short frame CAN carry over-sized handbags. Opt for a mid-hanging hobo bag (that reaches your elbows and not below) over a tote. This will balance out our proportions rather than overpowering them.

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Myth #9: Capri pants don’t flatter petite women

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Capri or cropped pants are great for summer and won’t make you look shorter if styled in the correct way. Opt for a pair which is mid-high waist and ends at a slimmer part of the leg. Also avoid ones with larger prints and too much bulk detailing such as big pockets, cuffs, etc.

POPxo Recommends: KOOVS Peg Leg Relaxed Trousers (Rs 1,295)

Myth #10: Layering with scarves will make you look bulky

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Scarves are a great fashion accessory and add colour to our outfits. The key is to opt for lighter and flowy fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, etc., which could be draped around your shoulders instead of the neck for instant chic.

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05 May 2016

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