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Dear Cancerian, Here Are 5 Fashion Tips To Take From Your Zodiac Twins In Bollywood

Dear Cancerian, Here Are 5 Fashion Tips To Take From Your Zodiac Twins In Bollywood

They say having a Cancerian for a friend is the best thing that can happen to you. They are deeply intuitive and sensitive people. Not to mention emotional, loyal, and sympathetic who would do anything for their friends. If you’re on this article, either you are a Cancerian or a special someone in your life is. Either way, today is the onset of some extra special treatment ‘coz Cancer season is officially in business!

Cancerians enjoy the simple pleasures in life more than anything. And that reflects in their personal style too. A water sign, you’re a beach baby through and through, and your wardrobe full of blues and whites is proof of it. Well, isn’t it? Ruled by the moon, Cancerians also love sea greens. Basically, anything that reminds you of the ocean and its many colours. It’s fascinating how you’re creative in general, yet you like your clothes to be classic and comfortable. Trends don’t really mean anything to you because, well, in ‘water baby’ terms–like the evening tide, trends come and fade away.

In short, whatever you do, you choose to do it with all your heart ‘coz you know no other way. That’s why you are not easily confused and probably can’t relate to the “I’ve nothing to wear” drama. You appreciate efforts, in all spheres of life (dressing up included), that come from the heart–something you have in common with your Zodiac twin in Bollywood. So, here are five fashion tips you should take from your Bolly buddies to express your style as a true Cancer.

Karisma Kapoor – Hair Is An Important Part Of Your OOTD


Birthday – June 25

From loud colours, clashing prints, and flouncy garments in the 90s to structured silhouettes and elegant combinations today, Karisma Kapoor’s style evolution is obvious. And so is the case for hairstyles that she brings to the table. We often forget that, just like our clothes, hair too can be styled differently. So, Cancerians, don’t neglect your hair for a classic Karismatic look!

Ranveer Singh – Fashion Is Incomplete Without A Li’l Risk


Birthday – July 6

We all know Ranveer Singh, the king of quirk, has always been anything but ordinary when it comes to his fashion choices. He has no qualms wearing crazy prints, outrageous colours or androgynous outfits. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ranveer slips into Deepika’s bodycon dress someday. That’s not what we are suggesting though. The biggest takeaway from Ranveer’s fashion choices is to take a risk every once in a while if it’s a refreshing change that you seek. 

Katrina Kaif – Being ‘You’ Is The Biggest Style Statement


Birthday – July 16

Fashion is a way to express your thoughts and mood and Katrina Kaif sure knows it. The actress has always been big on mood dressing and we couldn’t love her more for that. Almost all her outfits are very girl-next-door proving that you don’t need glam to look glamorous–from a floral dress to a pop of bright colour to a cotton saree, if you feel comfortable, that’s chic enough. Because it’s who you are. So go, be yourself!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas – There’s Nothing You Can’t Pull Off If You Wear It With Confidence


Birthday – July 18

PCJ looks like someone who doesn’t need a reason to dress up. Recently during lockdown days, she hosted her own Met Gala at home in a denim wrap dress. A few days before that, she wore a saree at home just because. That’s the kind of game only a Cancerian is capable of–and it only comes with great confidence. Use that confidence to try things you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t because of the so-called “comfort zone”.

Bhumi Pednekar – Trust Your Body, It Knows Best


Birthday – July 18

Bhumi Pednekar has truly revolutionalised fashion for curvy girls with her impactful attire choices. Be it ethnic or western, whichever style she dons, she owns it. From her go-to basics to wearing flattering silhouettes, the actress has some game-changing style advice which is–only you know what’s best for your body type so trust it. Everything else will automatically fall in place (and at all the right curves *wink wink*).

It’s your month, Cancerians. Make the most of it in style!

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Jun 2020

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