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Psst… These 17 Fashion Items Are Secretly Damaging Your Health

Psst… These 17 Fashion Items Are Secretly Damaging Your Health

For most of us who follow a seasonal style of closet organisation, March and April are all about spending quality time with our clothes deciding what to toss and what to keep to prepare for a stylish summer. This time around, our nagging mothers had help from the lockdown (that keeps getting extended) to make sure we do this spring cleaning ritual in time! Besides with all the time in our hand, it’s not like we had ‘better things to do’. *eye roll*

During your closet organisation, you may have come across some items of clothing and accessories that are going to be your summer staples such as your bathing suit, flip-flops, and halter tops to name a few. But did you know that these can be seriously dangerous for your health? Bet you didn’t see that plot twist coming. In fact, there are some everyday items such as bras and yoga pants that are secretly damaging your health each day. We compiled a list of 17 such fashion items so you can use this time to rethink your fashion choices.

17 Fashion Items That Are Harmful For You

Seventeen sure sounds like a huge number. Wonder how many of these you own that could be resulting in a slow death? Read on!

Really Tight Jeans

Who doesn’t love skinny jeans? Your body, that’s who! Stuffing yourself in tight jeans can not only make you feel uncomfortable and hot but also affects your blood circulation. Add high-waist to the scenario and your metabolism can be in trouble too. Wearing jeans tighter than your size frequently can also dilate your veins and lead to muscle damage in parts of your legs, your waist, hips, thighs and calves. Go for custom-tailored jeans that allow movement and some breathing room while giving you the shapely look you want.

High Heels

Wearing high heels not only exposes your ankle to sprains and your feet to shoe bites but can also cause joint pain, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, back problems, and calluses. Not to mention pain when worn for longer hours. You probably know all this having experienced some of these problems but still, most women choose to wear them because they just can’t do without heels. If that’s the case, try reducing the amount of time you wear a pair of heels for. Avoid walking long distances in high heels. If possible, go lower on the heel height.


Well, flats ain’t no picnic for your health either. Your summer favourite flip-flops do not give proper arch support your feet need to walk comfortably. Such flats can cause backache, heel pain, orthopedic problems, and expose your feet to bacteria, viruses and fungi that can trigger an infection. There’s not enough cushioning either let alone a thick sole. Moreover, the straps can feel itchy and lead to marks on your feet. So save your flip-flops for the beach or pool deck, and rely on more supportive footwear to take you everywhere else.

Bulky Handbags

Oversized handbags and totes are the best, aren’t they? They are spacious enough to carry all our essentials and non-essentials. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what’s so harmful about large handbags. Putting so much weight on one shoulder can cause shoulder and/or back pain and lead to damaging your joints. If you want to use a big bag, don’t bulk it up. If you want to carry a lot of stuff, make backpacks your BFFs as they distribute the weight on both shoulders and ensure better balance and posture of the spine.

Heavy Jewellery

The same logic applies to jewellery as well. Wearing heavy earrings can put extreme pressure on your earlobes stretching your piercing while at it. Statement neckpieces can have similarly harmful effects on your neck and posture as well, weighing you down all the time.

Ill-fitted Bras

Whether it’s a size too big or too small, ill-fitted bras can give you a lot of grief. Apart from being uncomfortable, tight bras can also lead to chafing and redness in the area, affect blood circulation, and cause pain in your shoulders, neck, breasts, and even spinal region. As for loose-fitting bras, they can lead to saggy boobs. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear the right bra that fits your size perfectly.


Wearing shapewear frequently can cause issues like acid reflux besides general discomfort. It’s fine if you’re wearing it once in a while for a flattering look in that bodycon dress but making a habit out of it is not advisable. A shapewear’s function is to compress your body and when all that squeezing is happening daily, it can affect your blood circulation and also cause muscle pain. Not to mention, shortness of breath. Reach out to your shapewear only when absolutely necessary! And while you’re at it, go for one in lycra as its a stretchable fabric. Pro tip: breathable boy shorts or cycling shorts with a stretchy elastic band can help you look shapely too.

Panties That Aren’t Cotton

Wearing briefs made of fabrics like polyester, satin, silk and spandex don’t let your vagina breathe, therefore, resulting in irritation. They also do not absorb sweat, which can increase bacteria buildup resulting in infections. Not to mention lacey undies and the likes can cause rashes when worn for long hours. Basically, any piece of lingerie that’s not cotton is wrong especially when it’s about everyday hygiene. Cotton lets your skin breathe and is doctor recommended for daily wear. If at all you’ve to opt for something else, make sure at least the crotch area is cotton lined.


Thongs are extremely sexy and sleek. Given such a small piece of fabric, they don’t stay in their place like regular underwear. Did you know that catching a vaginal infection from rectal bacteria is easier than from any other source? And thongs make that happen quicker than all given their tendency to slide back and forth a lot. Not to mention how irritating they can be because of extremely close contact with the vulval area. You can also contract haemorrhoids. If you must, go for thongs made of cotton.

Coloured Underwear

How do you think colours are added to clothes? They’re not natural dyes! Coloured fabrics have a number of synthetic dyes in them which can become an issue especially if you tend to sweat more and have sensitive skin. Thus, wearing only coloured underwear can cause rashes and irritation. Try to wear white and light coloured undergarments as often as possible. You can alternate between coloured choices and basic whites if you like.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts that go below your knees can be difficult to walk in. If pencil skirts are a staple in your workwear wardrobe, you are risking malformation of your knees. They can put a strain on your muscles while walking as well as sitting as they tend to clamp your legs. They can also lead to chafing of thighs due to tightness and friction. Tight pencil skirts can also make it difficult to bend over and thereby lead to disc problems too. Instead, try to wear a size up or save them only for special meetings and events that go on for shorter durations. Remember, comfort comes first.

Pointed Shoes

Pointy shoes may look foxy but the limited space for all your toes can be painful when worn for longer hours. Shoe bites, corns, and bunions are common problems among women who wear pointed-toe heels regularly. Be kind to your feet. Take them off while sitting or go for other alternatives. We say mules and square-toe footwear are all the hoot these days!

Halter Necklines

The halter neck style puts all the pressure on the nape of your neck pulling it forward. This can cause strain and pain in the neck muscles. Wearing halternecks often to the gym or for everyday use is not good for your posture and spine. You can opt for cross-backed bras for maximum support and comfort without raising a health issue.

Bathing Suits

Wet or moist bathing suits are a hotbed for bacterias and yeast to flourish, which can’t be avoided as long as your swimsuit has a crotch. Whether you’re wearing bikini bottoms or a one-piece swimwear, the risk of catching an infection courtesy the moisture-retaining synthetic fabrics swimsuits are made of, are high. These fabrics also don’t allow your skin to breathe adding tension to the situation. But this shouldn’t mean any more fun in the sun. Just get yourself into dry bottoms as soon as you exit the pool.

Yoga Pants Or Leggings

There’s nothing better than soft and skimpy yoga pants or leggings to feel sexy and comfy at the same time. These highly-shaping bad boys are a saviour at the gym and girls night alike when paired with the right top. However, they can cause nasty health problems. Yoga pants are made from materials that are sweat-resistant which means they can hold sweat closer to the skin for a longer time. This can cause a build-up of bacteria and viruses leading to skin rashes and yeast infections. Similarly, leggings are body-hugging which makes it easier for them to pick up and hold sweat and oil from the body. Avoid repeating your leggings and yoga pants without washing. And take them off as soon as you get a chance instead of lounging around in them ‘coz they’re comfy. Do you know what’s not comfy? Ringworm.

Clothes That Make You Uncomfortab;e

There’s no denying that your outfit has a direct connection with your mood. That’s coming not just from us or our experiences but also researches. Wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable or straight up feeling not your best can affect your emotional health. By extension, your mental health too! And we don’t want your outfit to be the reason behind your gloom. Wear clothes, style, and trends that make you feel comfortable and confident. Your mood and outlook will get a positive spin on its own. This is exactly when fashionistas all over the work are urging people in lockdown to dress up ‘coz there’s nothing that a good OOTD can’t fix.

Last Night’s Pyjamas

Surprised to see these on the list? We thought so! Since you’re wearing pyjamas every day now and your sleep cycle, by extension bath cycle, is all over the place, the tendency to stay in your night pyjamas for longer durations is high. If you don’t wear panties to bed, your pyjamas are the ones in direct contact with your intimate area which means bacteria can easily get up there. And you don’t want your dirty PJs next to your vagina, right?

So there you go. Eighteen harmless look but serious health hazards, most of which are sitting in your closet. I hope this article helps you make conscious decisions. It’s not a difficult choice, really, between good health and harmful spend of wealth. Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy stylish. XOXO!

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28 Apr 2020

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