You're The Rachel Green Of Your Group If You Have These Fashion Habits!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Dec 1, 2017
You're The Rachel Green Of Your Group If You Have These Fashion Habits!


What do you do on a “kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic” kinda day? Eat a cheeseburger? No! Make jam for the whole town? Uh, no! Drink all the pure-vodka jello shots? No (well, maybe!) You dust yourself up, put on a lipstick, and ace your #FashionGame like a Rachel Green.

Growing up, Rachel has been a huge fashion inspiration for me, the kind you model yourself after. If you’re anything like me, you are ‘The Rachel’ of your F.R.I.E.N.D.S circle, and here are 11 proofs.

1. You Wear The Right Lingerie

Comfort inside, confidence outside. Just like our Rach, right?

1 rachel green - rachel adjusting her bra friends

2. You Dress For The Weather

In winter, you’d rather layer-up with stockings than not wear skirts at all. And don’t get us started on how HOT the ensemble looks!

2 rachel green - skirt and stockings friends

3. You Dress For The Occasion

You just can’t wear jeans to a cocktail party now, can you?

3 rachel green - green dress friends

4. You Dress According To Your Body Type

You know your problem areas. You style accordingly and shop smartly. Way to go, girl!

4 rachel green - blue jeans white shirt friends

5. You Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Because you want to look your best every single time, and why not!

5 rachel green - deciding clothes in advance friends

6. Basic Is The Boss For You

Pair them with solids or with prints, you know who’s the boss of you *wink*!

6 rachel green - jennifer aniston saying hi friends

7. Hair Is Important To Seal The Deal

Whenever you’re picturing an outfit, how you’re going to carry your hair plays an important role in the decision.

7 rachel green - long hair smiling friends

8. You Follow The ‘Shoes-First’ Theory

You know who a girl’s best friends are, and you make sure that you always keep them close. Because in unbelievably un-coordinated times like that, it’s shoes to the rescue.

8 rachel green - tap dance friends

9. Accessories Are More Than Just An Add-On

You know it, girl, even a dainty little pair of earrings can make all the difference.

9 rachel green - messy hair friends

10. You Know How To Layer-Up

Whether it’s a jacket or a denim shirt, it’ll find a way to your #OOTD.

10 rachel green - leather jacket friends  

11. ‘Looking Good’ Is More Like A Habit

Feeling sick? Not at your best? With the right dress on, it’s “not too shabby for Rachel!”

12 rachel green - monica caught rachel dressed up friends

11 rachel green - robe over dress friends

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