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Let Creativity Shine: Try The Fashion From Home Challenge & Keep Them Isolation Blues Away

Let Creativity Shine: Try The Fashion From Home Challenge & Keep Them Isolation Blues Away

Lockdown is turning out to be boring and difficult with each passing day. While we are fortunate enough to have access to basic amenities and thankful for the same, it is challenging for most of us to cope with the emotions and stress that come along with isolation blues. Amid this COVID-19 chaos, we’re loving how people are doing their best to keep themselves entertained at home. Fashionistas are rather taking social media by a storm with some at-home fashion challenges and we can’t help but want to join the fun!

I’m not talking about the #DressUpFriday or #QuarantinePillowChallenge. There’s a new challenge on the block which is not only stylish on the eyes but also sends a cheerful message to those having a tough time in lockdown. Started by designer Farah Sanjana as an ode to the fashion industry, the ‘Fashion From Home Challenge’ aptly shows how fashion from home actually works! Spoiler alert: it goes way beyond pyjamas.

Different industries are suffering large losses due to the pandemic and the Indian fashion industry is one among them to be hit real hard. Farah, through this challenge, says, “This video has flowered due to our belief that as a creative community it is our duty to bolster each other in time of need & let our creativity shine. By being responsible – by staying home & by creating super fashionable quarantine looks with the limited resources available to us all.”

Take a look at the video below. Needless to say, it has gone viral and is our favourite thing on the Internet today!

Farah has called upon fashionistas from all over the world including designers, bloggers, stylists and make-up artists to get together and uplift each other’s spirits with the #FashionFromHomeChallenge. Artists from Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, London, and Hong Kong have participated in this challenge and shown unity in versatility in the time of isolation. From designers like Ridhi Mehra and Shubhika Davda of Papa Don’t Preach to Plixxo influencers Aashna Shroff and @ShereenLoveBug, the video features 16 of our favourite fashion ladies ever!

“We are alone – and yet together we can overcome the challenges by facing them head-on and by never letting our creative spirits dim their sparkle,” further wrote Farah. ICYMI, her “fashion family” has used whatever was available at home including bed sheets, towels, pillowcases and even wrapping paper in order to create an outfit that is red carpet ready! 🧵🧶👚🧥👗👘👠🧤🕶️👜💍👑💃

Here are some BTS and bloopers from the making of the video that will surely bring a smile to your face.

If you are still wondering whether you should try this challenge, here’s a collective message that has been shared by everyone who participated in the #FashionFromHomeChallenge that will instantly motivate you: Shining some love and light with our fashion community ❤ Let’s lift each others spirits. We are in this together.


If you feel for fashion and how the businesses around it are suffering during the pandemic, then step up and show your support. Here’s your reason to dress up during quarantine, ladies! You’re welcome!

Featured Image: Instagram


27 Apr 2020

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