11 FAB Fashion Items *Every* Curvy Girl Should Own!

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  Jun 5, 2017
11 FAB Fashion Items *Every* Curvy Girl Should Own!


Hello, curvy ladies! Do you know that loads of girls would absolutely kill for the curves you’re naturally blessed with? So accept your amazing body the way it is, because we’re here with something that’ll make your life easier. Here are 11 fashion essentials curvy girls must have! These will ensure you look fabulously stylish and flatter your body well at all times.

1. Fit And Flare Dress


Invest in a monotone fit and flare dress that fits well. Fit and flare dresses look really flattering on girls with a curvy figure. The design accentuates your bust while adding a smooth flare to your natural curves and making your waist look slim. Pair them up with a kimono or a summery cover up for a great look!  

Price: ₹899. Buy it here.

2. Shapewear


Shapewear comes in handy when you’re wearing something body hugging. It gives a smooth finish to your curves and makes the overall outfit look neat. Yes, even celebs swear by this style secret! There are a variety of shapewears available, so getting one or two would be a great investment to make!  

Price: ₹4,797. Buy it here.

3. Layering Tank Tops


For curvy girls like you, layering is key! Tank tops are cheap and buying a couple of them in different colours will go a long way. Try before you buy and go for one in a simple colour that fits well. You can layer it with jackets, kimonos and sweaters for an effortless look.   

Price: ₹748. Buy it here.

4. Bodycon Dress


Because if you got them curves, you must show them off girls! Spend time trying out different styles and you’ll definitely find a bodycon dress that flatters your figure. It’s the best way to flaunt your best assets! Be careful about the material and go for one that naturally contours your body without riding up all the time.

Price: ₹1,399. Buy it here.

5. Jeans That Fit Right


This isn’t just for curvy girls, but every girl needs a pair of high-quality jeans. Preferably a pair of denims in a dark colour that fits like second skin. You could also give jeggings a shot. They take the shape of your legs and can be teamed up with heels for a formal occasion. Just stay clear of anything too low-waist.

Price: ₹909. Buy it here.

6. A Good Strapless Bra


Strapless styles look really flattering on curvy girls. To pull off strapless tops and dresses, you need a bra that is supportive, comfortable and won’t keep sliding down. Get an underwired strapless bra or one with sticky silicon grips and you’ll thank us forever!

Price: ₹895. Buy it here.

7. Comfortable Pair Of Heels


There ain’t nothing that a pair of heels can’t fix, right? A nice pair of heels acts as a wardrobe game changer and uplifts any outfit. Invest in a comfortable pair of heels like wedge heels or black heels. They’ll amp up any outfit and add a few extra inches to your height – making you seem visually slender.  

Price: ₹1,199. Buy it here.

8. Flowing Kimono


You’ll be surprised by how much style a simple kimono can add to your look! Feel free to ditch the same old shrug and go for a flowy kimono that adds some flare to your outfit and can draw attention away from any problem areas too. If you’re conscious of wearing strapless styles as is, a bright kimono shrug is all you need!

Price: ₹1,199. Buy it here.

9. A Belt That Always Comes To The Rescue!


As we said earlier, layering is the key to looking on point at all times. What better than a belt to up your layering game? You can get both, broad and narrow belts for different outfits. They highlight your curves and make any outfit look better put together. Add a belt to your basic maxi dress and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Price: ₹799. Buy it here.

10. An A-Line Kurta


Kurtas never disappoint! For curvy women, an A-line kurta is the best pick. It fits well at the top and flares down making your curves look amazing! Pair it with palazzos or an ethnic skirt for the perfect desi girl look.

Price: ₹719. Buy it here.

11. A Pencil Skirt To Accentuate Your Curves


Pencil skirts aren’t just limited to office wear. If you’re a curvy girl, pencil skirts are a great way to flaunt and flatter your curves. Get a couple of them in different colours and styles to team them with simple tops and pull them off for just about any occasion!

Price: ₹1,379. Buy it here.

Stay stylish, ladies!