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Fashion More Than A Hobby For You? 7 Online Courses You Can Do During Lockdown

Fashion More Than A Hobby For You? 7 Online Courses You Can Do During Lockdown

“In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous”, renowned Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli said once. With a majority of the world under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no denying that the going is tough right now. But that only leaves room for the tough to get going! So why don’t you? How about you transform your fashion blues into a career? Whether you wish to take the first step towards understanding fashion or to refine your already existing styling skills, there’s a way to do it all during the lockdown.

You can take virtual classes and pursue online courses on different platforms to understand fashion through history, business models, social media, and case studies. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive straight in!

7 Online Fashion Courses To Style & Shape Your Career

There is an array of online courses that you can explore. From understanding different concepts of styling to learning how to draw designs digitally–here’s a peek into courses you must try for the love of fashion.

Learn To Draw with Adobe Illustrator CC

This one is for aspiring fashion designers who have never worked on Adobe Illustrator before. This course will enable you to have a good foundation in creating your own designs which are now a key requirement if you want to enter the industry with an upper hand. Whether you’re a fresher, a freelance designer or a fashion designing student, do not hesitate to enrol for this course. 

Course includes:
37 lectures
17 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV

Click here to enrol

Note: You need to have the latest Adobe Creative Cloud version of Illustrator installed on your device. You can still follow the training with older versions of Illustrator but many functions might not be available.


Fashion & Diversity by London College of Fashion

Fashion and culture can’t be separated from one another. That is why this online course by London College of Fashion has been constructed to address social situations through a fashion lens. The course spanning four weeks will provide a better understanding of fashion from a sociological perspective. Creation and diffusion of fashion consumer culture, fashion and gender (how apparels and campaigns reflect identity acceptance), and the image of women yesterday and today–are some of the interesting topics that you will study under this course. If you are a fashion marketing or management professional, this course will be perfect for you to interact better with consumers.  

Course includes:
Live sessions with experts
Lesson recordings
Practical assignments
Personal feedback
VLE with course content
Forums for support
3-month online access
LCF Certificate upon completion

Click here to enrol

Fashion Styling & Image Making by BoF Education

Lucinda Chambers will be your tutor for this course being offered by Business of Fashion Education. A leading fashion stylist with experience of over 36 years, Chambers has been a fashion director at British Vogue and British Elle. She has also been a fashion consultant for brands like Prada and Chanel. In this course, she outlines the variety of roles that a stylist can undertake ranging from being a freelancer to styling for big fashion shows. She also focusses on key fundamentals of different types of styling. Few of the topics under this course would be: Trend-spotting and the Creative Lightbulb Moment, What Does a Fashion Stylist Do? – Brand Marketing & e-commerce. If you want to enhance your academic experience or build your portfolio, give this course a go.

Course includes:
10 learning modules
30 video tutorials from Lucinda Chambers
Downloadable learning materials to revisit key theories and concepts

Click here to enrol


Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals

Via this course, you will learn about the link between fashion and sustainable development goals. The fact is that wastage by the fashion industry impacts the environment adversely. This 4-week-long course will enable you to understand the importance of responsible production and consumption. By the end of it, you’d be able to debate approaches for change and contribute to meaningful dialogue. Some of the topics covered are global fashion supply chains and the environmental impacts of the clothes we wear. 

Course includes:
7 topics
3 hours of weekly study
CPD Certification

Click here to enrol


Innovation: The Fashion Industry by The University of Leeds

An online program offered by the University of Leeds, this course aims at making you learn and understand different types of innovation in fashion. It covers a case study showing how Marks & Spencer has been a key innovator in fashion by introducing new fabrics. It also includes topics like innovation in fashion advertising and fashion innovation outside the retail industry. This course is best suited for fashion designing students who wish to understand the subject concepts via real-life examples. 

This course includes:
5 topics
2 hours of weekly study

Click here to enrol


Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

With this course, you will study fashion and culture with industry experts from Chanel and YSL. It includes inputs from designers such as Simon Porte Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith, and CEOs at Chanel, YSL, and Hermès. By the end of this course, you will be able to explore the trends diffusion models and interpret the fashion silhouette. Great value addition for fashion entrepreneurs!

Course includes:
4 detailed topics
3 hours of weekly study

Click here to enrol

Understanding Luxury Fashion In A Changing World

This course will enable you to get an introduction to issues relating to luxury fashion and sustainability in a changing world. It includes topics like sourcing for luxury fashion, tools and methods involved, etc. By the end of this 6-week-long course, you will be able to develop innovative approaches to fashion that can contribute to ecological resilience and also create manifestos for shaping thinking processes.

Course includes:
6 topics
3 hours of weekly study

Click here to enrol


Woah! Interesting list, right? Which of these courses would you opt for first in your free time during the lockdown?

Featured Image: Instagram, Unsplash


28 Apr 2020

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