Spot The Difference: Here Are Foolproof Ways Of Telling Original Make-up Products From Fake Ones!

Nidhi KavleNidhi Kavle  |  Nov 8, 2017
Spot The Difference: Here Are Foolproof Ways Of Telling Original Make-up Products From Fake Ones!


We live in the age of dupe-lication! With so many dupes doing the rounds, choosing between fake and original make-up can get tricky at times. But luckily, you’ve got us! We decided to go on a dupe hunt in Delhi’s infamous markets: Sarojini Nagar and Connaught Place. Watch our beauty producer, Shraddha doing her make-up using both originals and dupes of your most-favourite products:


Wasn’t that an eye-opener? While the dupes are much cheaper, they don’t deliver on coverage or pigment. Here are a few key things to keep in mind while shopping for make-up.

1. Always buy make-up from certified sellers and re-sellers

Make sure you buy your make-up from authorized retailers and stores. You don’t want to be using fake make-up on your face. Using fake make-up may cause allergic reactions since ingredients used in dupes are usually uncertified.

2. Do your research – Price, Packaging, Positioning, Texture, Ingredients

Check out the product price, the packaging and the location you’re buying it from. Shopping for high-end make-up on social media, Chinese websites and local beauty shops is a BIG NO-NO. Go to the brand’s website and look at the product, the shades, the reviews and the way it is packaged. That’s the easiest way to spot fake make-up. If you’re absolutely confused because both the real and the dupe are identical, look out for both the price and the pigment. Ingredient lists and product sizes almost always vary in a fake. For example, An original M.A.C lipstick will cost you roughly Rs 1,650. Brand’s like these don’t sell their products at half price.

3. Don’t buy make-up from the streets

We’re saying it again. It may be cheap but using dupes can cost you a lot in the longer run. This one is quite obvious, but those vendors sitting in crowded street markets with huge trays of Kylie and Huda Beauty lipsticks are DEFINITELY fake.

If you’re online shopping for make-up, check out Sephora, Nykaa, Myntra for brands available in India and Nordstrom and Beauty bay for International make-up.