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This Fake Dimples Trend Looks Like It’s Going To Put The Faux Freckles Trend To Rest

This Fake Dimples Trend Looks Like It’s Going To Put The Faux Freckles Trend To Rest

The Internet is sprawling with hacks that endow the sides of your mouth with bracket-like indentations: dimples. Oh — blessed are those who can identify themselves as the Harry Styles and Deepika Padukone’s of the world. But some of these hacks are extreme. Please note that jabbing the inside of your mouth with a pen to break your muscles, and, thus, create dimples is not what you want to do. Know that while TikTok and Instagram are notorious for popularising dangerous trends, they also have alternatives to achieving a look without ripping your cheeks apart. Yeah — very obvious things warrant disclaimers too. Now — if you regard dimples with a sense of envy, there’s a hack going around that lets you fake them with a few swipes of your go-to products.

Influencers are imprinting the sides of their faces with a crescent-like swirl of contour, eyeshadow, and more to create natural-looking dimples — while some layer the sides of the strip of contour with concealer to soften the visibility of the dimples, others just opt for a matte-based brown out of their palettes to capture the look. Ahead — a breakdown of the fake dimples trend, once and for all.

That Dimple Is Illegal, But BTS Wants It Anyway (S/O Army)

How do you fake dimples with makeup? This iteration of the trend is a little different in that it involves going in with some liquid-based contour, blending it in with a sponge, and layering on a darker eyebrow pencil on top to dramatise the effect. You can trade in your contour with a cool-toned brown from your palette too, and pat it into your skin until it looks natural enough to mimic the appearance of dimples.

You can use jet-black eyeliner or kohl to create two indentations on each side of the mouth and blend it in with your fingers. Go in with some powder or concealer to further play into the look, and you’re done.

You Can Use These

Note that you can experiment with this look under the eyes as well. While many are ripping their muscles to create indentations around the mouth on TikTok, you best believe this comes as a relief to us.

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Oct 2022

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