10 Surprising Facts About The Razor You Probably Didn't Know!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  May 25, 2017
10 Surprising Facts About The Razor You Probably Didn't Know!


A razor is one of the things in our stash of beauty items that we just can’t do without. But have you ever wondered when was the first razor invented and when did women even start using it? Here are 10 surprising facts about the razor that you (probably) didn’t know!

1. Women and men razors are indeed different

While the blade technology in both the razors might be similar but women’s razors have a head that is more rounded. The extra protection around the blades generally includes some sort of ‘guide bar’ like device that essentially helps get longer, fine hairs in the right position to be cut.

1 facts about razors

2. Women’s razors can be used multiple times

Most of them aren’t designed for just use and throw, making it economical and convenient for many women choosing to shave over other forms of hair removal.

3. Razors definitely DO NOT make your skin dry

But what you use with your razor definitely matters – instead of using soap or shaving cream, use a shaving gel that specifically caters to your skin type

4. Women’s razors are designed to help you see better

The blades of men’s razors often have an oblique angle as compared to women’s razors and the handles are also shaped differently. This difference in angle and handle shape allows women to observe what they’re shaving, better – when they are perhaps looking down at their legs, versus men looking straight into a mirror. We’d recommend the Gillette Venus razor which aids in having a close and comfortable shave.

4 facts about razors

5. Razors help in exfoliating your skin

Women’s razors remove dead skin cells and it exfoliates your skin. It also makes your skin appear smoother and younger by stimulating the production of collagen.

6. Using a razor down there is perfectly okay

But considering how your bikini area is more sensitive, you should be a bit careful and use a different razor than the one you use for your body hair. When shaving, use short strokes and maintain a very light touch. Use a lotion (that has no traces of alcohol) to soothe the area once you are done shaving.

7. A dull razor will give you more cuts

This is why you need to look out for when the cartridges need replacement. The indicator strips on razors tend to fade after about three or four uses. This is a clear indication that the razor isn’t going to be as effective as before and that the blades are becoming blunt.

7 facts about razors

8. Razor works with different angles on different parts of the body

While you need to shave your legs from ankles up, for your underarms, you can shave from all angles – up, down and sideways.

9. Strokes vary too

A shorter razor stroke would be greatly effective for tighter areas like knees and underarms, while longer strokes will work wonders on legs and underarms.

10. You need to store them with care

It is advisable to keep your razor (blades facing upwards) in a separate, dry holder that is not cluttered with other bathroom essentials. But keep your razor covered in the bathroom as any exposure to heat and steam could result in the blades of your razor rusting faster.

10 facts about razors

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