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Gua Sha Like A Pro: A Beginner’s Guide To Facial Pressure Points

Gua Sha Like A Pro: A Beginner’s Guide To Facial Pressure Points

Jade rollers have been swiftly replaced by Gua Shas in 2021 and for all the right reasons. No hate to our old bestie – facial rollers, but Gua Sha is the new, Kardashian-approved fad in the business that’s taking up all the trend space off late. If you are someone who has not given in to this cool new skincare trend, it’s high time, girl. If you are someone who already has, today we will look at ways to reap maximum benefits out of a Gua Sha tool. The key to a great Gua Sha practice is to learn the correct pressure points in your face. This can help you modify your Gua Sha rituals according to the results you desire to achieve.

Facial Pressure Points For Beginners

Here are 4 important pressure points that can help you achieve glowy and healthy skin. Simple and easy for beginners, these pressure points can be massaged either with a massaging tool like a gua sha, facial roller, ice globes, or even by a hand massage.

Third Eye Point For Better Skin Texture


Location: Between the eyebrows, 1/2 an inch above the bridge of the nose.

Benefit: Gently massaging this pressure point stimulates the pituitary and endocrine glands. This helps in balancing the secretion of hormones and thus helps improve the texture of the skin.

Facial Beauty Pressure Points For Glowy Skin

Location: At the bottom of the cheekbones, near the end of the mouth.

Benefit: Gently massaging this pressure point can help promote blood circulation in the skin, which gives your skin a revitalizing effect. It can also help in avoiding saggy cheeks with regular use.

Four Whites Pressure Points For Reduced Acne & Blemishes

Location: On the temples of your forehead, in line with your iris.

Benefit: Gently massaging this pressure point can speed up the skin’s healing process, thus reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes.

Heavenly Appearance Pressure Points For Anti-Ageing Benefits


Location: Behind the jaw, under the earlobes.

Benefit: Gently massaging this pressure point relaxes the connective tissue in the face, and helps tone the facial muscles. Regular massaging can also induce lustre in the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While we all would love a professional masseuse for a regular massage for all these skin benefits, you can try these massages at home with your Gua Sha. What are you waiting for? Get your Gua Sha ready, and your skin prepped for a pro skincare session. Here are some recommendations:

Jump on the trend of facial massages and do it the right way!

Featured Images: Pexels

13 Aug 2021

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