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Become The Proud Owner Of These 6 Facial Essences And Glow To The Gods

Become The Proud Owner Of These 6 Facial Essences And Glow To The Gods

If you’re a skincare 10-stepper or a fan of the K-skincare routine, you might have heard of the key player in the Korean beauty game aka facial essence. Not to be confused with toner, the magic elixir typically works to prime the skin before serums and moisturisers. Sure, it’s an added step, but if you crave that bounce, dewy, Instagram skin aesthetic, a light layer of essence is absolutely a game-changer.

If you’re confused about what face essences are, how they work, if they’re worth your hard-earned cash, and how they are different from the other 10 billion skincare products on the market, you’re not alone. So we took upon the mission to break it all down for you because, really, a fantastic face essence can do amazing things for your skin’s health, happiness, and dew point. 

What Is A Facial Essence?


If your aim each day is to drench your skin hydration, facial essence is the product that can help you out. Essences are a Korean beauty staple for keeping skin healthy, dewy, and radiant skin. It’s fast becoming a formula that many rely on for a luminous complexion. However, it’s frequently misunderstood. Hailing from Korea, as many useful skin trends do, the liquid is often confused with a toner, but it’s actually an entirely different product that’s designed to be used after cleansing and toning, and before serum. The best part? The lightweight and layer-able texture feels relaxing as it’s patted and quickie absorbed into the skin. If essence is the skincare you’ve been missing, here are our top picks of the best facial essences.

The Best Facial Serums With Hydrating, Firming, And Brightening Ingredients

From brightening to budget buys, we’re listing down the best facial essences for a model-like glow. Keep scrolling!

The Multi-Tasker

Looking for a positively luminous complexion? This is the essence to call on. We love this product because it gives dull, tired skin a glassy finish. Formulated with rosehip oil and vitamin extracts – it boosts radiance, leaving you with Insta-worthy in just seconds. One application, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Trust us, this product is a 10/10 in our books and it’s seriously awesome.

For Plump-Looking Skin

With skin-loving ingredients, this essence can help to refine the skin’s texture and gently brighten and we’re officially on board. It helps the skin hold more moisture, so you can use it before to prime your skin for serum and expect bouncy, super plumped-up skin after application. It is also touted for its anti-ageing benefits. 

To Tighten And Brighten

If you’re familiar with Korean skincare, you’re likely to have crossed paths with snail-based face care that promises to tackle wide-ranging skin woes. From improving skin’s texture to giving a hefty dose of hydration and brightening the skin – this face serum does it all. It also helps boost collagen production to leave skin plumped, glowy, and youthful.

The Cult-Loved Formula

This essence mist is hydrating and misty, so you’ll still get the elusive plumping effect on the go. Our fave part? It also doubles as a primer or a setting spray. It’s a blend of hydrating and calming ingredients like root extracts and licorice water and bamboo water. Pro-tip: Keep it refrigerated for an instant refresher on steamy summer days.

For Your Dewiest Skin

Give your skin barrier some love with this uber-hydrating serum from Laneige. It’s like a tall glass of water for parched-AF skin. This product is full of green mineral water – an extract that’s derived from vegetables like beets, kale, and watercress. It quickly sinks into the skin leaving it fresh and plump. The essence is suitable for all skin types, thanks to its water-light texture and fast absorption.

To Rock That Insta-Worthy Glow

Want luminous, glassy skin? Look no further than this cult pick from L’oreal. It helps to soften fine lines, tops up skin moisture levels, overhauls complexion and kicks signs of dehydration to the curb. Interestingly enough, there’s no water in the ingredient listing, making the already sweet price point even sweeter.

BRB, adding these to my cart RN!

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23 Sep 2021

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