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Facial Cupping Promises Out-Of-This-World Skin Thanks To Its Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Facial Cupping Promises Out-Of-This-World Skin Thanks To Its Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Another day, another mind-boggling beauty trend going viral on Instagram, this time in the form of cupping. Yes, we mean quite literally cupping your face, and it’s even favoured by the likes of Kim K (we all know she loved crazy-sounding skin rituals – hi, vampire facials!)

The Instagram beauty community can’t get enough of this brewing trend, and it’s safe to say it has us hooked. The trend promises glowing and sculpted skin. Scroll Instagram, and you’ll see thousands of videos praising its results. So in our never-ending quest for luminous skin, we knew we had to look into facial cupping. Keep reading to know everything about facial cupping.

What Is Facial Cupping?

Even though cupping is big on Instagram right now, the technique is nothing new; in fact, it’s been popular in Chinese and Middle-Eastern medicine for centuries. Facial cupping involves using small cups made of silicones or glass – which create a pull on the skin by creating a suction effect. It has become a trend for facial use on the premise that the cup uses pressure to draw nutrients to the surface of the skin with the aim of creating healthier-looking skin. On Instagram, cups are used in conjunction with skin-care products like serums, facials oils, or masks, which help them glide over easily. 

The Skin-Care Benefits Of Facial Cupping

Much like using a gua sha or jade roller, beauty enthusiasts love the facial cupping technique for relaxing tense facial muscles, especially along the jaw, and claim it lends the skin a post-facial glow when combined with skin-enhancing skin-care products like rosehip oil or Vitamin C. It also provides a temporary lift and has the potential to contour or sculpt cheekbones, as well as de-puff skin. Some Instagrammers claim that facial cupping helps minimise fine lines, wrinkles, and scars while stimulating collagen production.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Facial Cupping?

If you do it yourself at home and don’t do it correctly, or leave the cups on one area of your face for too long, or apply too much pressure, it can cause some bruising. Avoid doing it on irritated, broken, or acneic skin. Also, remember to use some form of oil and choose an oil that suits your skin type. If you’re confused about what kind of face oil to use for the process, we’ve rounded up some hard-working formulas below!

Face Oils Are The Secret To Dewy Skin And These Are Our Top Picks

Botox In A Bottle

If you are in the market for a face oil that packs an anti-aging punch, try this one from St. Botanica. Loaded with Moroccan Argan oil, rosehip oil, along with other powerhouse antioxidants, it’s legit like a botox in a bottle. 

You Glow Girl!

Just because this collagen-boosting face oil is budget-friendly, doesn’t make it any less potent. The natural formula is made with a blend of fatty acids, aloe vera, and cucumber extracts to lock in the moisture and give you the glass skin of your dreams!

For An Out-Of-This-World Skin

If your skin is always craving moisture and you’re partial to a super-radiant finish, this is the face oil to call on. Its uber-brightening benefits are what really keep this in steady rotation, as your skin will be looking and feeling its best.

Bring on the glow!

Featured Image: Instagram

30 May 2022

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