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Why Facial Exercises Are The Answer To A Perfectly Chiseled Jawline & Sculpted Cheeks

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 14, 2020
Why Facial Exercises Are The Answer To A Perfectly Chiseled Jawline & Sculpted Cheeks


Have you ever looked up any form of beauty procedures such as botox or fillers? I’m sure you must have come across your favourite celebrities, or perhaps even bloggers give these treatments a shot. While botox, fillers and plastic surgery can fix common concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and aging, even make your skin look plump like a baby’s bottom. These treatments, however, are not the most natural thing you can do to your body. And besides, they cost a small fortune that not a lot of us can afford. So if you’ve been tempted to have cheekbones like the Kardashians or flawless skin like Bebo, you absolutely must give facial yoga and facial exercises a go! 

Why You Need To Workout Those Muscles On Your Face


As many of you may already be aware, we start to lose a noticeable amount of fat from our faces as we age. The production of elasticin and collagen starts to decrease too. That’s the reason why skin tightening masks and procedures are in such high demand. But you can always do the next best thing, face yoga. These exercises not only tone and sculpt your face, they also boost blood circulation and really turn on the glow. Over time, you will notice your skin looking firmer and healthier. Some of these exercises also help with lymphatic drainage, this means that all that water retention and those toxins accumulated will be gone. Facial yoga or facial exercises are honestly the cheaper and nicer alternative to botox.

Keep on reading to know you can practise this wonderful workout, from the comforts of your home.

Please note: In every workout, it is recommended to hold your pose for 30 seconds and repeat it thrice.


Facial Exercises For The Eyes

Keep your neck, shoulders and other muscles relaxed as the focus should be on your eyes and the area surrounding them.

Start by:

– Putting your palm onto your temples and embrace your head with your fingers

– The ends of your palm have to cover your brows, make sure you double-check it in the mirror.

– Using your palms, press into the muscles backwards and then in an upward direction.

– Squint your eyes intensely till you feel the muscles ‘working’.

Doing this every day will help eliminate the wrinkles around your eyes and helps to uplift your upper eyelids.

Facial Exercises To Tone Your Entire Face

The best time to do this exercise is in the morning, preferably as soon as you wake up. This will not only prove to be beneficial for your skin but with time it will also help to boost your energy.

Start by:

– Make a big “O” using your mouth and hold it for ten seconds. Basically, time to pout…in the air. 

– Then, pull your lower and upper lips inwards firmly. Make sure they are over your teeth and you feel those muscles working around your face.

– Next, try to ‘smile’, holding your previous position.

– Do it in a nice, firm manner but make sure you do not strain too much and there are absolutely no wrinkles forming around your eyes.

Doing this every day will help tone and lift all 57 muscles on your face and the neck.

Facial Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

If you’re a fan of doubles, such as a double choco-chip cookie or double expresso chocolate cake, you know that double chin is a b***h.

Stary by:

– Time to smile-ahh! Smile, open your mouth and make the “aaahh” sound (not too loudly for the obvious reasons 😉)

– You’ll notice your lower lip automatically rolling over your teeth. Try to Press it inwards

– Next, push out that jaw outwards, as much as you can. Try lifting your cheeks, if you can.

– You must feel the resistance between your jaws pushing out and your cheeks pulling up.

– When your jawline is at its extreme, cover your mouth with your fingers on both sides to hold. This will help prevent wrinkles.

Do this every day to say bye to sagging skin. It will give you a better jawline and will strengthen the entire jaw. It will also help reduce wrinkles around your chin area and will definitely help you get rid of that double chin.

*Aaahh* se *oh yeah* tak!

Facial Exercises That Encourage Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Yoga Using Face Massage Tools

We bet you loved these facial exercises! And the best part?  You can totally do these exercises while working from home, sitting in front of your laptop. How cool is that? 

Watch, practise and enjoy the benefits later!

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