7 Face Packs For Acne-Prone Skin That Will Help You Breakup With Maskne Once & For All

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Jan 12, 2022
7 Face Packs For Acne-Prone Skin That Will Help You Breakup With Maskne Once & For All


Wearing a face mask has become a part and parcel of our lives now. Honestly, we’re stepping into the third year of the pandemic and it feels almost absurd now to be out in public without having half your face hidden. And thanks to these, we’re faced with a new problem of maskne. These are breakouts that happen due to friction between the mask and the skin. As if life wasn’t bad enough already, right?

A CTM routine works well to keep your skin healthy but when you’re dealing with maskne, you might want to throw in an anti-acne face pack in the mix. So, if you do have acne-prone skin and are noticing a number of breakouts on the lower half of your face, these are some face packs to keep handy.

7 Face Masks To Help Get Rid Of Maskne


The Quickie

An anti-acne face mask that is quick and easy to use, the Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask pulls out acne-causing bacteria and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Formulated for oily and acne-prone skin, it balances oil production, deep cleans pores, and soothes the skin with its nature-infused formula containing ingredients like tea tree, witch hazel, aloe vera, cucumber, willow bark, and lavender. Unlike other peel-off masks, this one doesn’t leave your skin dry but rather nourished, clear, and refreshed.

The Balancing Act

Powered by kesar, ginger, and aloe vera juice, this face mask has a gel formula that is irresistibly nourishing on the skin. The velvety gel texture helps impart hydration while delivering antioxidants for a soothing skin detox. It can be used on maskne to calm down any redness and irritation.

Matcha Mojo

A combination of antioxidant-rich matcha and spirulina, this face pack helps detoxify and free the skin from fungal acne. It comes in a green powder format which you need to mix either with water, a few drops of your anti-acne toner, or rose water to form a paste. Once the paste is applied to the skin, it draws out impurities and delivers nutrients, and when it is rinsed off, your skin feels squeaky clean, clear, and refreshed.

Clay Time

We love the gentle cleansing and soothing formula of this clay mask by Innisfree. It leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and free of irritation. Even dullness and dryness is eliminated with this formula. The travel-friendly monodose packaging makes it even more appealing.

The Cool Way

The best way to treat active maskne is by using a cooling skincare mask like the Aloe Vera Mint Cucumber Face Mask by Fabindia’s beauty range Fabessentials. With purely natural and ultra-soothing ingredients, this mask will calm any irritation and help your skin repair itself from inflammation. It gently cleanses and moisturises the skin so as to prevent more acne from occurring.

The Wonder Sheet

A biodegradable cellulose sheet mask brimming with acne-fighting natural ingredients such as neem, witch hazel, tea tree, lemon, and oatmeal, the Organic Harvest Anti-Acne Serum Sheet Mask gives your skin a dose of moisture that clarifies your skin. It can be applied directly after cleansing instead of a toner and moisturiser.

Sleeping Beauty

To repair your skin barrier and keep it clear of acne-causing bacteria, opt for the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask by The Body Shop India. This breathable skincare sleeping mask will smoothen and mattify your skin on the application while reducing the size and number of blemishes overnight. It is infused with tea tree oil and salicylic acid making it ideal for oily, acne-prone skin.

Stock up on these anti-acne face masks as they are bound to reserve a permanent spot in your skincare routine.

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