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15+ Unique & Stylish Face Masks So Stunning, You Will Never Forget To Put ‘Em On

The onslaught of COVID-19 has brought about a change in the way we function. For starters, there is a new protective gear/accessory that was added to the lexicon this year: masks. When making a selection of one, ensure that you keep approved criteria in mind—they ought to be comfortable, of three folds of fabric or in case of lesser ones, made of sturdy fabric and of course, if washable and reusable, the better. Along with it also comes the one looming question of ‘where to buy face masks that are stylish’.

Stylish Face Masks To Shop

Ready to delve right in? From printed and embroidered to subtle versions, read on to find out more about the best masks you can currently shop online.

Large Floral Motifs

For those willing to go down the embroidered route, this grey three-ply mask with floral motifs emblazoned on it comes as the perfect protective gear that doubles up as a stylish face mask. With a large motif mirrored on both sides, the white on grey combination comprising chain stitch forms a striking version to wear and stay safe when outdoors. 


Intricate Details Aplenty

Nothing beats the appeal of an embroidered iteration in masks and you will agree with us. In terms of the relevant and much-needed accessory, a fresh way to wear it is by incorporating the reliable and intricate embroidered details that help you stand out from the crowd. And what’s better than one? Three! With floral motifs aplenty, these cotton masks in distinctive colours are both ideal and affordable, giving way to the best face masks for women. Comprising silk and Madhubani, the best-suited way to clean them is by using a piece of wet cloth or drycleaning. Alternatively, you can also disinfect using a sanitizing spray.

Lace Renditions

Another one for the maximalists! Complete with tone-on-tone lace details, the layered masks can be teamed with your traditional and contemporary outfits alike, especially if you are stepping out for an intimate ceremony as a wedding-goer. Pristine and putting craftsmanship on the forefront, this fashionable face mask is all you need to put your best foot forward, with all safety measures in tow.

Details To Boot

Speaking of the ongoing low-key wedding ceremonies this year, one can’t stress enough on the importance of keeping your mask involved if your presence is unavoidable. And when it comes to adding one to your look that protects and hits the ball out of the park, we would like to steer towards this one that ought to be on your radar. Comprising denim, tie-and-dye details and embellishment, the sky blue face mask for women is the ideal accessory to don with your lehengas and anarkalis, the zari details standing out to make a mark. Given the kind of details and handiwork that it incorporates, do not soak it in water for too long, instead, opt for a gentle hand wash after use.

Minimal Appeal

Though two-layered, this sturdy version features a natural dyed organic cotton front, complete with a minimally done embroidered running stitch. The inside too makes use of the same fabric minus the details, the bonus being that these fabric masks are available in custom sizes, ranging from medium to large for your perusal. 


Handwoven Fabrics

Sreejith Jeevan’s Rouka highlights the Chendamangalam handloom which is a popular name for the sarees made in it. The woven textile form from Kerala uses cotton and is made by hand. Easy to hand wash, these are breathable and ideal to wear when stepping out of the house.

Prints and Dyes

If you have been on the lookout for cloth masks that are equal parts stylish and comfortable, we’ve found the best pick for you. This much-required accessory features iterations that are complete with tie-and-dye, block print and more such details. Recyclable and environment friendly, you can add these to cart as affordable versions that last for a long time. 

Colours & Weaves

Another bundle that comes in a set of several is that of these cute face masks made keeping kids in mind. Featuring the famed Pochampally Ikat on cotton, these are bound to be comfortable versions that can be worn by young ones for a relatively long time as well. The abstract details on the array of colours available only make it a more striking option to add to cart pronto!

Ikat Leanings

Complete with an extra layer of fabric for added protection, this blue and white mask incorporates placement ikat that imparts the abstract look of a tree. With earloops that ensure your complete comfort, this ikat face mask is ideal to wear for socially distanced outings and grocery runs alike.


All Things Print

For those of you who have been meaning to add to cart some dainty print versions, we found one that ticks all the boxes. Incorporating floral motifs scattered throughout, this printed face mask comprising khaadi comes across as the ideal option to wear. Hand wash it and dry it out in the sun after each wear, teaming this versatile find with all attires. 

Polka Dots For The Win

Classics are forever and what better than the tried-and-tested polka dots to make for a striking accessory! Never out of vogue, the print is one that you can don with just about any outfit in your wardrobe, making it one of most versatile face mask for girls and women. The reusable accessory is also reversible and can be worn two ways for different outings.

Dainty Versions

Another one on the reversible front is this set of stylish face masks that features a number of different motifs—flowers, birds and inspiration derived from nature. Easy to wash and wear, this set of three comes at an economical price and can be worn for your occasional outings and grocery runs.

Abstract Route

There is a reason florals are always the ‘IT’ thing and even in winter, you can team your layered outfits with a mask emblazoned with them. Just like this one that comes in cotton, a plethora of colours in blue and makes for comfortable wear. Coming with an adjustable band on the nose and a breathing valve, this stylish face mask is best-suited for daily wear. 


Organic Fabric

Made from plant-based fabrics, think aloe vera, bamboo and more and further dyed with material derived from neem, tulsi, turmeric, etc, these fabric masks are biodegradable, meaning the adverse effects on the environment can be kept in check. Additionally, it’s also a comfortable version to wear for hours at a stretch when out and about.

Traditional Art Forms

face mask


Remant Kumar Mishra’s stellar masks featuring the age-old Madhubani art are one of the most eye-catching iterations you will see. The artist makes them by painting them by hand, the intricately done motifs in vivid colours are impossible to miss in these stylish face masks. For just INR 50, these are available throughout the country via courier services. The Madhubani artist’s work can be viewed on Twitter, while he can be contacted on 9899429912 for deliveries across India.


An Array Of Colours

With a smorgasbord of colours and mirrors, this vibrant mask is best suited for anyone who likes to keep it colourful. Given that it is highly versatile, this on-fleek iteration can be teamed with a number of outfits in your wardrobe.  

Prints To Spare

With fun motifs centre stage, this printed accessory is one to add to cart if you have been on the lookout for a cute face mask for quite some time now. Made from cotton, the breathable mask can be worn at length and washed easily, a must-have for safely stepping out. 

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18 Nov 2020

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