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10 Fabulous Style Tips To Look Like A Leggy Lass

Girls, you may not be blessed with the height but you’ve definitely got the assets, making dressing for your body shape quite tricky. We know that carrying off anything with confidence is probably the best fashion tip but adding a few extra inches to help you look taller will definitely give you that extra surge of self-esteem. We give you a few pro style tips for the short curvy girl to help you look leggier with your existing wardrobe. Get ready to stand taller and sexier than ever before!

1. Ditch the Super Skinny Jeans


Drainpipe pants and jeans that bunch at the ankles will make you look even shorter and give you major cankles. If you want to go skinny, try jeans that cut off at the ankle rather than gather up in that area. Bootcuts and slightly flared pants are what would flatter you best. Pair them with wedged heels for a super model-esque effect.

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2. Wear a Single Colour


As much as you like colour-blocking, it will do nothing to help you look taller and leggier. Instead, try wearing a single colour from head to toe, not only is it a major trend at the moment, but it will help give the illusion of some extra height since there aren’t any other colours to break up your look.

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3. Short Skirts Look Amazing on Short Legs


No, we’re not crazy and yes, short skirts do look great on long, never-ending legs – but they also flatter short legs more than you thought. The more leg you show the taller you look. Agreed, most of us believe our pins are more on the stockier side and let’s not forget that problem of ever-forming cellulite on our thighs, but a skirt that ends a couple of inches above your knee flaunts the narrowest part of your leg while hiding your unflattering parts. Since your legs get wider at the calves, it’s best to avoid hemlines that end there to avoid looking stockier.

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4. Tuck It In


When you’re vertically challenged, almost every t-shirt and shirt is too long and when you’re curvy, long shirts can make your hips look wider. All you need to do is tuck it in to automatically look less stumpy.

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5. Put a Belt on It

belted dress

A simple way to look taller is to cinch your dress at the waist to elongate your torso as well as accentuate your curves. Skater skirts are a blessing for a vertically challenged girl as they help you fake a few extra inches and cover up problematic thighs. A skinny belt will always do the trick for this double bonus.

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6. Stay Clear of Ankle Straps

ankle strap

Ankle strap heels and sandals are pretty, but it’s best to save them for when your ankles are covered up. Pairing them with dresses and cropped pants can make your legs look shorter and thicker as the straps cut off your legs in an unexpected way. If you absolutely love pretty sandals with straps, make sure they are lower down and don’t cut across your ankle.

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7. Maxis Can Give You a Longer, Slender Frame


Yes, we’re serious. Stop playing heed to myths about how short girls can’t wear maxi skirts and dresses because the reality is just the opposite. Avoid full skirts and pleats and stick to sleek, column styles that will definitely elongate your frame and tone down your curves. Wider shoulders can help distract from problem hips. Add a pair of heels to really help you tower around.

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8. Match Your Bag to Your Frame

Ted Baker bag

They are easy to overlook sometimes but your accessories also play a role in your overall look. We know that you need to carry your world around with you but carrying an oversized bag is not a great look for a short girl. Too-big bags can swallow up your silhouette as they are disproportionate to your body and make you appear even shorter than you are. A medium-sized tote is just fine for stashing all your essentials and compliment your size.

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9. Pick the Right Print


Prints are great for adding some fun to your style, it’s important to pick a pattern that flatters you best. Wide patterns and large polka dots are a complete no-no for your body shape, instead go for long prints that point downwards like vertical lines and chevron prints.

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10. Pointed Shoes Should Be Your Thing

pointy flats

Ditch those rounded-toed shoes and invest in a few pretty pairs with a pointed tip, which help make your legs look longer. This is especially crucial if you prefer flats over heels, pointed-toe ballet flats can help add height even when you’re not in the mood to teeter around in stilettos.

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06 May 2016

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