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The Bollywood Wives Are Here To Serve Some Hot, Hot Tea With A Brand New Reality Show

The Bollywood Wives Are Here To Serve Some Hot, Hot Tea With A Brand New Reality Show

Do they go around shopping in their Rolls Royce? Of course, they do! What were you even thinking? They are the ones living the Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives after all! Oh, by the way fam, we have some news. Consider your festive snacking sorted because the Bollywood Wives are soon taking over Netflix India to serve some hot, hot tea with a brand new reality show. 

Well, not exactly brand new, given that the show seems to be based on the hit American TV series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And if you have ever watched even one of the episodes of the American version then you very well know what fireworks await you with the Indian version. 

Netflix India just dropped the show’s trailer and damn, we’d rise from the dead and watch this show the very instant it starts airing on the OTT platform. The trailer introduces you to Bhavana Pandey, Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan, and Neelam Kothari as the show’s key stars. But wait, there’s more: the video also features Gauri Khan, Ananya Panday, and Shah Rukh Khan. Can we please say that we are absolutely hyperventilating already?

“People have these misconceptions about us that we have these oh-so-glamourous lives but that’s not really true. Our lives can be quite mundane,” Maheep Kapoor can be heard saying in the trailer as we see her doing the exact opposite and living her best life. But you don’t even get a second to soak that in when Seema khan, very nonchalantly says, “I occasionally Dm Kim Kardashian.” Maheep adds “I am not a stalker, but I do like to check out my Juhu neighborhood. I mean you guys will thank me” as Neelam reveals  “I keep getting the one-off offer to come back into the movies.” But then again this is exactly the kind of madness that we anticipate here. Don’t we?


All these Bollywood wives have been friends for 25 odd years now and damn, we just cannot wait to see how that translates on the screen. Truth be told, something that juicy, deserves to be watched on the big screen but for now, Netflix is just fine as long as they drop the episodes ASAP!

“We’re actually ridiculous,” Neelam can be heard saying in the trailer and well darling, we are here for it. Actually, especially that. That said, critics have often called out The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for being largely scripts. Well, that ain’t dampening our spirits here. I mean who cares if it’s scripted or not? ‘Coz honestly, they had us at “Bollywood wives.” Can.Not.Wait. *Grins ear to ear*

Featured Image: YouTube

13 Nov 2020

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