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Eyebrow Slit Is The New Brow Trend The Fashion Set Is Gasping Over

Eyebrow Slit Is The New Brow Trend The Fashion Set Is Gasping Over

If you’re looking to change up your look with a cool new trend, you may want to experiment with the eyebrow slit. We will admit, it’s a bit out there, but we think it’s also totally unique and cool. For a long time, it was only something that would be seen on men, but as of recently, our fave girl crushes have taken over this trend and have made it their own – which we totally love. The brow vibe is currently reigning supreme, and it counts celebs like Bella Hadid and Miley Cyrus among its top devotees.

To get you inspired, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest eyebrow slit styles for women. From split designs to multiple shaved lines, keep scrolling to know ‘em all!

What Are Eyebrow Slits?

Eyebrow slits also known as eyebrow cuts are thin, vertical slits typically made towards the tail of an eyebrow. Spin-offs of the trend include variations in terms of the number of slits, angle of tilt, and the eyebrow chosen. Although there is no hard and fast rule about the width, number, or style of cuts, single eyebrow cuts are considered to be the most basic style for starters. 

So if wanna channel your inner Miley Cyrus – here’s how you can jump on the trend wagon.

The Hottest Eyebrow Slit Styles To Add To Your Moodboard

You may remember seeing this look on your favourite rappers of yesteryear. The history of this trend is uncertain, but it’s possible that slits are meant to mimic a scar, making the wearer look tough. You can shave as few as one, or you can create as many slits as your brows have space for. Read on to see examples of eyebrow slits. 

Sleek Slits

This is one of the hottest takes on the trend and we’re totes in love. If you don’t want to go OTT with your brow look, a sleek eyebrow slip like this one will take your look from regular to remarkable. This eyebrow cut is giving us major cool-girl vibes, which is always the goal, right?

Edgy Arch

Neat and clean, this one’s perhaps the most basic yet stylish one. Single eyebrow slit is one hot trend to follow and a little less OTT than its other edgier counterparts. It draws attention to the eyes and you can further enhance the aura by playing with your eye makeup. Go all-in with bold colours or glitter shadow if you like to steal the spotlight.

Double The Slit, Double The Fun

Double the slit, double the fun. Just like the single eyebrow slit trend, with double the fun you can take the game of edge a notch higher. This can be a fun way to enhance the arch of your brow, thus giving your face a lifted look. 

Punky Pinup

Calling out all the head-turner babes. This is the ultimate fashion-girl brow style flooding our feed at the moment. This look proves that you don’t need anything but a slick eyebrow cut to make a statement. Try this style to give your look an edgy twist.

Badass Brows

This look proves that an eyebrow slit + a colourful eye shadow is a match made in beauty heaven. So we thanked the beauty gods when we came across this trend-setting eyebrow cut.

How to do eyebrow slit?

Eyebrow slits can be temporary or permanent, depending on how you like them. If you wish to do it on your own at home, arm yourself with a slim electric shaver and some tape. Clean a slanting section at the tail end. Be careful not to overdo it because then it’ll just end up looking like a bald spot. Alternatively, you can use a concealer to fake the effect of an eyebrow slit. All you need to do is prep your brows by correctly lining and filling them with powder, and brush it out with a spoolie. Use the concealer to create the edge slits and blend in properly. While this trick works when you want to photograph the look, an actual person standing close to you will be able to see the concealer.


Which eyebrow should I slit?

You can go for either of the two brows. However, it’s best to choose the one that looks more flattering to you. Pick the brow that has good hair growth for the slit to be clearly and beautifully visible.

How to slit your eyebrow?

Use a facial razor or electric trimmer to create the slit with small motions.

Are eyebrow slits attractive?

If done correctly, then an eyebrow slit can give your look a cool-girl factor. Do it on your own only when you’re absolutely sure about how to do it. Else, it’s best to get them done professionally.

Types of eyebrow shapes: From natural eyebrow shapes to different styles of eyebrow threading shapes, here we’re listing the different types of eyebrow shapes.

Eyebrow trends you need to try asap: Even if bedazzling your brows isn’t for you, we’ve got some trendy eyebrow looks that you can try. We’re sure you’ve seen most of these on Instagram cause they are what all the beauty gurus are doing. 

Tips for perfect eyebrows: With these tips handy, you’re sure to have the most shapely and awesome eyebrows ever!

Are you gonna try the eyebrow slit trend?

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Jun 2022

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