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Brow-Mance: 5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Insta-Worthy Brows

Brow-Mance: 5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Insta-Worthy Brows



Ladies, never underestimate the power of great brows. Grooming the eyebrows is an art, and if you make even one teeny-tiny mistake, it will mess up your entire makeup look! Choosing a brow product is easy, but most of the time, it’s the application process where most of us get stumped. Don’t worry, with us by your side you will never have a bad-brow day again!

5 Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making And How To Avoid Them


Let’s get you a killer pair of brows! 

You Choose The Wrong Eyebrow Product Shade


Never buy an eyebrow product shade that exactly matches the colour of your natural brows. You’ve actually got to choose one that’s a hue lighter than your natural brows. A lighter eyebrow shade is perfect for filling in any gaps in the brows and helps to give them a more natural finish. 


You Go Too Bold

woman using an eyebrow pencil



Bold eyeliners are fine, but bold eyebrows can come off as too loud. Using an eyebrow product that’s way too dark for your brows might lead to an overly dramatic and almost jarring look. Your aim while grooming your brows should be to mimic the hair’s natural growth. This will prevent the brows from looking OTT. 

You’re Sporting The Wrong Shape


An arched brow and sleek-straight eyebrow may be one of the hottest eyebrow shapes right now, but they do not suit everyone. When shaping and colouring your brows, you need to take your face shape and natural brow arch into consideration. If you have a round face, a high arch will suit you. For square face shapes, a slightly lower arch eyebrow shape will do. Curved brows look good on women who have diamond face shapes and rounded eyebrows for heart-shaped faces.


You Need To Blend The Brow Product Out!

woman with thick eyebrows


For those of you who like using eyebrow pencils, this point it for you! Once you draw fine lines in the gaps of your brows, you need to use a spoolie brush to blend in the product. If you don’t have a spoolie brush to soften the lines, you can use a Q-tip or an eyeshadow brush too. 

You’re Using Only One Brow Product

The more eyebrow product you use, the better your brows will look! To add shape to the brows, use an eyebrow pencil. For filling in the brows, use brow powder. And finally, to set the brows, use a brow gel. Using all three eyebrow products together will get you the neatest pair of eyebrows! 

With these tips by your side, we hope you never face a brow disaster ever again! 

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05 Nov 2020

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