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The Best Eye Primers You Need To Make Your Eyeshadows Pop & Stay Put All Day

The Best Eye Primers You Need To Make Your Eyeshadows Pop & Stay Put All Day

Imagine this- you spent hours perfecting that smokey eye makeup look and in a matter of minutes, your shadow starts looking blotchy. All that mehnat? Wasted because your shadows aren’t ‘sticking’ well on your lids. Ahh, a beauty nightmare we definitely do not want to be a part of!

Did you know that the skin on your eyelids is super thin and therefore, it is a tad difficult for your makeup to stay intact throughout the day? This happens because it’s prone to fine lines, making the eyeshadow crease and become uneven as time passes. So, what do we do to avoid a bad eye makeup day? We use eye primers!

An eye primer works exactly like your regular primer–acts as a ‘sticky’ base for your eye makeup products so that they pop out, your eyeshadow stays intact throughout the day and all the colours blend really well with each other. Plus if you have oily skin (and lids), they ensure that your shadows do not crease because of it. Here’s a list of our fave eye primers for a long-lasting, eye makeup look!

Best Eye Primers


It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an eyeshadow palette, it may look really patchy on your eyes or the colour may not show up at all. One way to ensure that your brush is picking up the shadows properly is by using a damp eyeshadow brush.

Another way to ensure that your eyeshadow stays intact and the colour really pops out loud is by prepping your eyes with an eyeshadow primer. It doesn’t matter if you spent a bomb on your makeup products or not, it doesn’t harm to ensure that they work to the best of their abilities.

Guerlain Eye Stay Primer


Want your eyes to look hella popping for the upcoming party season? Then you have to get Guerlain’s Eye Stay primer for those glitter eyeshadows you’ll be wearing. This primer not only smoothes out your lids but also evens out the lids for the smoothest application of eyeshadows. You can either use it to prep your lids or even on its own as it looks really pretty and a perfect choice to enhance your eyes if you’re going for a no-makeup, makeup look!

Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow Primer


As the name suggests, Benefit Cosmetics’s No Stray eyeshadow primer ensures that your eyeshadow stays in places and doesn’t move around. This dual-action primer works amazingly on the eyes so that your concealer and eyeshadow, both look bomb when applied. It also contains sodium hyaluronate which is known to hydrate and Vitamins C & E which are amazing anti-ageing agents!

This concealer comes in various shades so that everyone can apply it without fearing that it may look ashy on their skin tone. Just cover your lids with it and let the game of popping eyeshadows begin!

Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

If you have delicate lids, this eye primer might become your saviour. Smashbox’s Finish Hydrating Primer is an oil-free, silky formula that makes the application of your eyeshadow seem like a cakewalk. It not only does a great job at making your eyeshadows look good but also hydrates your eyes. It also has caffeine which reduces puffiness and peptides that smoothens the area; perfect for those late-night parties!

Milani Eyeshadow Primer – Nude Chair

Intensify the colour of your favourite eyeshadow with Milani’s Eyeshadow Primer. It is not only one of the best drugstore eye primers but its intense yet lightweight formula ensures that your lids are prepped and they look matte as hell.

If you have oily lids, this eyeshadow primer will work so well for you. It’s crease-proof and invisible and you can totally wear it on its own if you don’t wish to do eye makeup. It acts as the perfect base for all the neon eyeshadows that keep popping up on our Instagram feeds. Forget about eyeshadow fallout with this primer!

Kiko Milano Neutral Eye Base


If you have dry skin, your lids are going to love Kiko Milano’s Neutral Eye Base primer as it’s creamy and super hydrating. It is light in colour which ensures nothing but your eyeshadow can be seen but also makes sure that the colour packs a punch when it’s applied.

It also neutralizes the colour of your eyelids so that your eyeshadow looks really impactful when applied. The formula guarantees a delicate yet empowering eye makeup look, every time. The product is so easy to apply and all you need to do is squeeze out a pea-sized amount and apply it on your lids.

PAC Eyebase – 01 Gold


If you’re going to keep your eye makeup for long hours, forget about retouching it every hour– thanks to this eye base by PAC. It is every makeup artist’s dream as not only it makes the application of eye makeup super easy but its creamy formula ensures that your final look is nothing but a vibrant and intense finish.

This shadow primer goes on creamy but dries to a beautiful matte finish so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadows mixing badly with each other. It also helps prevent eyeshadow creasing, smudging and even transfer. So what are you waiting for, add this to your cart already!

theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer


Muted and dull eyeshadow? We don’t know what her?!

Bid adieu to lousy eye makeup with theBalm’s Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer that ensures that your eyes are doing all the talking for the night! It comes in a tube for the easiest application on the lids. All you need to do is dab a thin layer on your lid before applying your fave eyeshadows and let your eye makeup steal the show.

Makeup Revolution Prime & Lock Eye Primer


If you do not like heavy makeup or makeup that you can actually feel on your skin, you’re going to love this one! Revolution Prime & Lock Eye Primer is a super lightweight eyelid primer that is a beautiful product to work with. It not only preps your canvas aka your eyelids for your creative eye work but the subtle beige tint in it will make it your news go-to product if you have redness on your lids.

Nicka K Perfection Eye Primer


If you are looking for an eyeshadow primer that lasts longer than your previous relationship, we’ve found you your perfect match. Nicka K‘s Perfection eyeshadow primer is hydrating, long-lasting and makes your eye makeup look extra loud for the people in the back!

Always be #SelfieReady with this one. Just one layer on your lids and we bet your eyeshadow will stay put, won’t move around and eyeshadow fallout? Let’s just say she won’t be around for much longer!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer is a featherweight eye primer that ensures that your eye makeup stays on for long, remains crease-proof and budge-proof. This eyeshadow primer not only delivers a beautiful canvas for a stunning eye makeup look but its unique waterproof formula ensures your makeup stays, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

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PS: Not to prime is a crime!

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29 Sep 2020

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