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7 Common Eye Cream Mistakes You Need To Scratch Off Your Skincare Routines

7 Common Eye Cream Mistakes You Need To Scratch Off Your Skincare Routines

It’s 2022, and everyone seems to have a handle on their skin, right? While you’ve been going through the ingredients list of your favourite beauty products, it’s très essential to pay close attention to how we apply our products, especially since we spend so much coin on them. Given all that, when it comes to under-eye creams, knowing how to scoop-smear-pat them onto your skin is a make-or-break moment. 

So skim through and strike these common eye cream mistakes off your skincare routines. And then get your bestie to toss them off too. 

You Could Be Using Your Your Eye Cream Incorrectly, Here Are The Mistakes To Avoid

Not Keeping Your Hands Clean

You might be staying at home all day and feel it’s unnecessary to sanitise your hands time and again. Research shows that our cell phones are much dirtier than we think, and every time our fingers touch our phones and then our face and eyes, we allow germs to travel within. Given all that, it’s best to wash your hands with soap just before application. This will help remove debris and oils from hands, especially fingertips. To ensure a better product penetration, wash your hands with an AHA and BHA-based face wash.

Tap Your Skin, Don’t Rub It

Portions matter when it comes to skincare products. Take a pea-size amount, which is enough for both the eyes. Then, use your ring finger (not index) to gently tap small dots under your eyes. Pat the eye cream gently instead of rubbing or massaging it as it can cause skin damage. Make a semi-circle of dots. Start just below the inner part of your brow and move sideways and upward along the orbital bone that surrounds your eye.

Applying It Only To The Under Eye Area

Most of us make the mistake of applying our eye creams only to the under-eye area, For best results, apply it around the entire eye area in a clockwise manner inward to outward. This also prevents the collection of products in the inner eye corner. Apply the eye cream twice a day to reap the benefits.

Selecting The Wrong Products

Picking the right product based on your targeted skincare concern will help you achieve the desired output from your product. If you want to treat crows’ feet and fine lines, look for formulas that contain peptides and retinol – two proven wrinkle-fighters. If dark circles are the bane of your existence, seek out brightening ingredients such as caffeine and niacinamide that helps boost circulation and combat sluggish blood flow. In case you want to target multiple under-eye concerns, look out for a multi-tasking formula.

Layering It Incorrectly

An easy way to determine the correct order of application is to start with products that are lightweight or fluid in texture and work up against the heavy texture. Eye creams should be applied after serum and before moisturiser and sunscreen. Any makeup product such as concealer, foundation, or eye-liners are to be applied after a basic eye care routine.

Not Being Consistent

You need to be consistent and give your eye cream a minimum of 3 to 5 weeks to show results. But if it’s not living up to its claims despite your commitment, you need to switch to a different formula or seek an expert’s advice. 

Gel Vs Cream Under Eye Product

To make the best of your eye care products, understand textures besides ingredients. Both eye gels and creams obtain similar skin-restoring and anti-ageing ingredients. However, creams work better than gels for folks with dry skin. Similarly, roll-ons have a metal tip which has an additional sooting and cooling effect. Eye pads usually have the same ingredients as eye creams but they are uniquely formulated and shaped to stay put so they are a quick fix before an even or anytime you’re feeling puffy.

Perk up those peepers asap!

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14 Jun 2022

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