India’s Hidden Gem: Explore All of Daman In 24 Hours Flat

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 28, 2019
India’s Hidden Gem: Explore All of Daman In 24 Hours Flat


Daman is a tiny city in the union territory of Daman and Diu and it’s hardly a 2 and a half hour drive away from Mumbai. Every year, my family and I make a trip here to spend Christmas with my cousins and close friends. Even though the city is known for its cheap booze, it’s so much more than that. There are Portuguese forts, breezy beaches and delicious food to be explored. The best part is that you can see ALL of it in just 24 hours. Also, the best time to visit is from October to March. So ladies, if you have a long weekend coming up, you know where to go *wink*

Things To Explore In Daman

Best Hotels In Daman

Things To Do When In Daman

If you’re planning a short trip to Daman with your girlfriends, make a note to visit all these places. After all, it only takes 24 hours to cover them all!

Breakfast at Hotel Bharti 


This place is a local favourite. It’s at Nani Daman, Char Rasta towards the fish market and jetty. This place is kinda lowkey, so I doubt you can google map your way there. However, you can ask any local for directions if you have trouble finding it. In less than 100 bucks, you can have a delicious breakfast. Three dishes I recommend – misal pav, puri bhaji and vada pav. You have to reach here between 8-10:30 am as the food here sells out like hotcakes. 

Explore The Forts of Nani (small) & Moti (big) Daman

nani daman fort

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Situated at the fishing jetty area, both forts are opposite each other and are connected by the bridge. If you’re into colonial history and Portuguese architecture, you have to explore St. Jerome Fort at Nani Daman and the Moti Daman Fort. However, the Moti Daman Fort is comparatively larger than the one at Nani Daman. The ‘Our Lady of The Sea Church’ is a beauty in itself! It’s located in the Nani Daman fort and is about 400 years old. You can spend the first half of your morning there and by 11:30-12pm head to the Fort at Moti Daman. This one takes longer to explore, but you can spot a pretty lighthouse at the top of the fort. Imagine how many cool pictures you can click here! Are you #InstaReady?

Head To Jampore Beach Later


Since you’re already in Moti Daman, you might as well head to Jampore beach. This beach gives off Goa vibes, I tell you. It’s breezy and comparatively cleaner than Devka beach in Nani Daman. Here, you can participate in water sports, play beach volleyball, go parasailing or take a dip in the ocean. I usually come here to snack on fresh and crispy bombil fry and masala prawns with a chilled bottle of beer. After all, life is good by the beach!

Watch The Sunset At Devka Beach 


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Since Devka (in Nani Daman) is a lot more commercial than Jampore, you’re more likely to find tourists and hotels here. Please, don’t drink and drive on this stretch as it’s dangerous. There are plenty of street markets for you to shop and eat too. However, enjoying kadak chai or fresh coconut water while watching the sun go down is beyond blissful. 

Jetty Rolls – The Taste of Daman!

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You’ve not explored all of Daman if you’ve not eaten a juicy Jetty Roll yet. This stuff is orgasmic! I keep coming back for more whenever I visit Daman. It’s at the Jetty stretch in Nani Daman and it’s ALWAYS crowded (Just look at the dude make it!) Also try the chicken egg roll or paneer tikka roll at Tithi Rolls in the same stretch and thank me later!

It’s Time For Dessert

ice cream

Ice-cream or milkshake which of these do you prefer? How about both! Just opposite Tithi Rolls, there’s a dessert cart called Bholenath ice cream and milkshakes. More than the ice creams, I like their milk drinks. Try these flavours – badam shake, cocoa drink, falooda and fruit salad drink. You’ll be mind blown! 

Go Boating At Mirasol Lake Resort

mirasol boating

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If you have time or wish to give any of the activities above a miss, you can go boating at the Mirasol Lake Resort. There’s an entry fee to pay, but the place is beautiful if you’re looking to relax and unwind. The boats there aren’t only meant for couples to use, there are family boats available too. After you’re done boating, you can eat at the restaurant there or head to the waterpark over there if you like. 

Best Hotels In Daman To Have A Pleasant Stay

If you’re wondering where to stay, I’ve got you covered. These hotels are all awesome. Have a pleasant stay, Girls!

1. The Gold Beach Resort 

gold beach

Image Source

I love the pool out here! It’s bang opposite the beach and it has a bar connected to the pool. Plus, the staff is super kind, the rooms are clean and the food is yum. What else do you need, right?

Address: Plot No. 2/1-B & 2/1-C, Devka Beach Road, Nani Daman, Marwad, Daman and Diu 396210

2. The Deltin 

the deltin

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The Deltin will treat you like royalty if you choose to stay here. Slightly expensive but a posh experience. There’s always a party or a wedding happening here. 

Address: Varkund, Nani Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

3. Sandy Resort

sandy resort

Image Source

The Sandy resort has a very cosy and chilled out vibe to it, perfect for those looking to just relax and unwind.  

Address: Devka Beach Road, Nani Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

4. Silver Sand Beach Resort Daman

silver sands

Image Source 

On a budget? This resort is pretty and affordable at the same time. It’s been around for many years, but in spite of that, it has never run short of guests.

Address: Devka Road, Near Marwad Hospital, Nani Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210 

5. Cidade The Daman

cidade de daman

Image Source

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay the Cidade is a great choice. While it’s not the absolute best place in Daman, the food, location and rooms make up for it. 

Address: Kavi Khabardar Rd, Devka, Nani Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

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