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Want Your Makeup Glide On Smoothly? Try This Anushka-Approved Skincare Tip

Want Your Makeup Glide On Smoothly? Try This Anushka-Approved Skincare Tip

Most of the time when I apply makeup now, it’s almost involuntary- prime, base, eyes, brows, set, bronzer, blush, lipstick. However, even though I follow the almost same technique every time, there are days that my makeup just doesn’t sit well on my face. Of course, I blame it on the tools I’m using, the new primer I picked up on sale, or just on the fact that I was in too much of a hurry while doing my routine. If you’re on the same boat as me then it’s your lucky day cause I’m letting you in on a secret. 

This Celeb-Approved Skincare Tip Will Make Your Makeup Glide On Perfectly

Yup, even Anushka Sharma swears by this simple trick to make your skin look plump and dewy before makeup application and it’s a quick face massage. So, while moisturises and primers obviously help, the magic is actually in your fingers. 

So, if you’ve been wondering why your skin is always glowing after a facial, it’s not just to do with expensive face oils; it’s a massaging technique that literally lifts and awakens your skin. The movements boost circulation, drain your lymph glands, and depuff your skin. It also naturally lifts your contours so hello, cheekbones!

People who give themselves a face massage every day will end up with younger and firmer-looking skin with an even tone. So, just before you’re putting on your makeup for that important meeting or the date with the cute person who asked you- spend a few minutes to massage your face. Trust us, you’ll see the difference. 

How To Give Yourself That Professional Face Massage

1. Start with the facial oil and rub it into your hands to warm it up.

2. Put your middle and forefinger to the backs of your ears and use the pressure of your fingers to drain by pulling all the way down to the sides of your neck.

3. The focus should be on your lymph nodes which really helps remove any puffiness from the skin and boosts circulation.

4. Put your hands in ‘Namaste’ and your thumbs underneath your jaw so that your chin is between your thumb and index. 

5. Move your thumbs all the way across your jawline to the bottom of your ears to release muscle tension.

6. Use your ring finger and make circles around your eyes pushing as hard as you can around the orbital area.

So, ready for skin that looks happy and healthy? We know we are!

Featured Image Source: Instagram

29 Jul 2020

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