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12 Things You *Should* Expect In Your Relationship!

12 Things You *Should* Expect In Your Relationship!

Being in a relationship comes with its own set of dos and don’ts. But each relationship has its own rules. We think there are some basics, though, that every girl can expect from her bae and still be deemed fair! Read on and see if you agree?!

1. “Let me know when you’re home”

The fact is, we aren’t trying to keep tabs on you. It doesn’t matter if you get home at 1 or 5 – just send a quick text saying that you’re home! It’s just basic human concern for someone we love, that’s all!

1 expectations in a relationship

2. “Treat me with respect”

This one goes without saying. Plus, I wouldn’t ever treat you with anything but the same!

3. “Don’t tell other people our problems”

Why wash our dirty laundry in public, right? Plus, when people interfere it makes it harder to get things back to normal.

3 expectations in a relationship

4. “Value me in front of your family and friends.”

The “cool dude” routine is seriously overrated. The tone you set is what they will follow – it’s important you get this right.

5. “Get me presents just because…”

I’m not being greedy. It’s nice to show you love me; if presents and gestures are the way to do it then what’s the big deal?!

5 expectations in a relationship

6. “Listen to me when I’m arguing with you…”

Something has obviously upset me. Listen to me when I am trying to explain this to you, it will save a whole lot of shouting later – trust me.

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7. “Be there for me when I need you…”

You know I’ll be there for you too! Plus, I’m telling YOU because I trust you. Confiding in you is my way of saying, “baby, I trust you”. So, don’t take it for granted!

7 expectations in a relationship

8. “Come and see that play with me…”

I went to see that cricket game with you. It’s not give and take – it’s compromise! If we do the things the other likes to do, it’ll get us to a good place!

9. “Defend me if someone has something bad to say…”

You have the benefit of knowing me, like really knowing me. If what they are saying isn’t right – you shouldn’t let them get away with it! And yes, it is your place to do so.

9 expectations in a relationship

10. “Be there to wipe my tears and put that smile back on my face…”

I’m only human, and sometimes I won’t be able to handle things alone – but hey, we’re partners right?!

11. “Always tell me I look good even if I don’t!”

On the days I feel fat, the nights I feel bloated and the mornings I just can’t deal with make up! The mirror’s job is the truth, yours is just to be my amazing boyfriend!!

11 expectations in a relationship

12. “Don’t try and change me.”

Accept me for who I am, that’s why you fell in love with me in the first place, remember? I promise I’ll never try to change you either.

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19 May 2016

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