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#WeddingWishList – We’re Putting A Full Stop To Your Wedding Gifting Woes!

#WeddingWishList – We’re Putting A Full Stop To Your Wedding Gifting Woes!

I got married around four years back and I still have half a cupboard full of wedding gifts that I’ve never used. Most of these are decor and tableware that have failed to impress me. While I would love to stack my house with exotic accessories, I haven’t yet been able to find a brand that I love. Until now, of course!

If you’re newly married and setting up your little heaven or a shaadi guest whose colleague or friend’s wedding is just around the corner, Nuture India is just what you need to check out. Started by Pratima Sinha and Somya Suresh, thanks to their shared passion for art and craft, their affordable yet thoughtfully designed pieces are sure to make your crockery rack look more attractive! Check out some of my favourites: 

nuture india elephant handle mug

Buy this handcrafted Elephant handle cup for Rs 399 on Amazon.

nurture india serving tray with wheels A shot glass tray with wheels, anyone?! Shop for Rs 1,499 on Amazon.

nuture india blue bird bowls for storage

Goodbye, boring bowls! Shop for Rs 1,199 on Amazon

The brand has just been launched so you heard it from us first! They have a lot more coming up and we are totes keeping an eye out on this one! Follow Nurture India on Instagram here

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23 Apr 2018

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